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skin whitening

Your Insider Guide to Skin Whitening and Treating Pigmentation

History of Skin Whitening

European royalty was recognized to have made use of arsenic to bleach their skin completely back to the 1500s. Queen Elizabeth I herself was a follower of the technique in order to maintain her pearly-white skin. Skin whitening is still commonly used in almost every continent on the planet. In West Africa, approximately 70 percent of women perhaps utilize skin lightening cream. Today, skin bleaching is a multi-billion-dollar appeal market, with new trending beauty terms such as brighter skin, glass skin, clearer skin or natural skin tone. 

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is when dark areas form on your skin over time. Sometimes skin dims due to age, an injury, or melasma– which is a pigmentation condition. These patches or dark spots result from excess melanin production, which can be caused by everything from acne scars and sun damage to hormone fluctuations. Hyperpigmentation is a common, generally harmless, and also often frustrating problem that a number of us wish to eliminate promptly.

Are Skin Whitening Creams Effective?

While there are many skin whitening or lightening lotions on the market– major appeal brands such as Nivea, Lancôme and also Neutrogena market these sort of items — many skin whitening or lightening creams can be hazardous, especially if they have bleaching representatives. As a matter of fact, some skin bleaching items include outlawed components such as mercury or steroids and are banned by HSA as they may harm the skin in the long-term. They also lack natural ingredients such as kojic acid. Azelaic acid, Kojic acid, Arbutin and Aloesin are often used as positive skin whitening agents. 

With these such outlawed skin lighteners, possible dangerous adverse effects include inflammation, burning, irritation, scarring, hyperpigmentation and also thinning of the skin. Other much more major negative effects are organ damages as well as skin cancer.

If you are presently use bleaching cream to treat dark skin tones, it is necessary to not utilize products which contain ingredients such as hydroquinone, mercury, or steroids. Products such as hydroquinone is known to enhance threat of skin cancer and also liver and kidney damages, while mercury can create infections, liver damages, clinical depression and psychosis. It’s likewise vital to keep in mind that if you subject on your own to the sunlight AFTER using the lotion, you’re enhancing your likelihood of creating discoloration as well as also skin cancer cells and aversely affecting your complexion.

Wellaholic’s PTT with AfterGlow (Whitening)

Wellaholic’s PTT with AfterGlow comes with either the whitening or the hydrating option, followed by our AfterGlow Red Light treatment. Skin whitening agents work by reducing the presence of melanin pigment in the skin. The whitening treatment uses dipotassium glycyrrhizinate which inhibits tyrosinase activity and melanin production. Study has shown that dipotassium glycyrrhizinate inhibits tyrosinase activity and melanin production. It is a potential skin whitening agent that prevents skin pigmentation and improves skin tone, leading to fair skin. Further research has shown that dipotassium glycyrrhizinate has anti-inflammatory property. It helps to alleviate the skin redness and irritation symptoms common to various diseases such as rosacea and psoriasis. Moreover, its oil-regulating properties inhibit the secretion of excessive skin oil from the sebaceous glands.

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, uses healing natural light to help your body produce more energy and regenerate your skin. Red light therapy is also well-known as a powerful natural inflammation relief tool, and that makes a huge difference for the inflammatory kind of hyperpigmentation!

Is Laser Toning Effective for Fairer Skin?

Laser Toning is based on the principle of subcellular selective photothermolysis. In this, the laser emits a specific wavelength of light that is well-absorbed by a particular chromophore being treated. This results in a reduction of epidermal melanocytes wherein the melanocytes remain intact, and only melanosomes are destroyed. The traditional methods lead to the destruction of pigment-containing cells in response to which inflammation follows and results in re-pigmentation or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). The heat generated via laser is minimum, thus reduces the chances of recurrence. Laser toning can be effective against melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dark spots, freckles, dark circles, etc. 

Nevertheless, laser toning will require doctors with experience and skill. Otherwise, there will be no results from laser toning. Also, if the laser is set to be too strong, it may cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and confetti hypopigmentation. These can take months to years to resolve. 

Is Microneedling Effective for Pigmentation?

Hyper-pigmentation is when there is a darkening of the skin. Microneedling, using a needle pen, can help to reduce this hyper-pigmentation by breaking up the pigment below the skin surface. This  collagen induction therapy (CID) another word for microneedling, can easily aid the skin without removing or damaging the epidermis. Several treatments are required along with some skin lightening products and your skin tone will be evened out.

Unfortunately melanin is not always produced evenly, especially in individuals with darker skin. Uneven/excessive melanin production can also be the result of skin trauma – sunburns, acne, cuts, bug bites etc. If the hyperpigmentation resides in the epidermis, it responds very well to microneedling and even acid peels. The problem is if the pigmentation is in the dermis, deeper part of the skin, it wont respond to chemical peels. This hyperpigmentation is not to deep for microneedling but it will take more microneedling treatments to resolve.

It is extremely important to avoid excessive sun exposure and ALWAYS wear sunscreen when trying to treat hyper pigmentation. Ignoring this advice may lead to unsatisfactory results and even a reappearance of the pigmentation.

Wellaholic’s Microneedling for Face and Neck

Safe, minimally invasive, and effective as an aesthetic treatment, Wellaholic’s microneedling is ideal for several different dermatologic conditions including acne and other scars for all skin types. Microneedling can treat dark skin patches or blotchy skin by using tiny needles to create micro channels to induce cell turnover and collagen production. Microneedling is minimal with little or no downtime. It is a valuable alternative to more invasive procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peeling.

  • Hyperpigmentation occurs due to uneven production of melanin throughout the layer of skin.
  • This irregularity in the generation of melanin can be caused by acne, cuts, sunburn, etc.
  • These dark spots are very stubborn and become more pronounced with time instead of fading away naturally.
  • The reason behind this is that the skin stops producing new cells as a person ages.
  • Microneedling injects tiny needles (up to 36 at a time) into the skin to create micro channels.
  • The old layer of skin is replaced by new collagen or skin which is free of any spots or marks.
  • About 4 to 6 sessions with a gap of 2 to 4 weeks per session are required for the most effective pigmentation removal.
  • For sensitive skin, it is recommended to start with a lower needle depth, and then gradually increase it over time. 

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