Dive into the world of fat freezing! Uncover the truth about its safety and make an informed decision.

Is Fat Freezing Safe? Discover 5 Key Facts

TL:DR Summary

  • Effortless Weight Loss: Fat freezing offers a minimal-effort route to your dream body, bypassing strict diets and intense workouts.
  • Safe and Non-Invasive: Enjoy a pain-free, needle-free body contouring experience with fat freezing’s non-invasive technology.
  • Dream Body Realization: Unlock your ideal physique with fat freezing, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for overall well-being.
  • Long-Term Contouring: Fat freeze, or cryolipolysis, provides lasting results in body shaping with minimal downtime.
  • Targeted Fat Reduction: Precisely sculpt specific body areas like abdomen and thighs with minimal discomfort and no recovery time.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Wellaholic offers transparent, affordable fat freezing treatments, starting from $199 per session.
With the rise of body sculpting treatments made available in Singapore (or anywhere else in the world for a fact), an increasingly popular treatment is fat freezing.

Introduction: Is Fat Freezing Safe and Risk Free?

In my role as an Aesthetic Director, I’ve encountered a growing interest in body sculpting treatments, particularly fat freezing, or cryolipolysis. This non-surgical procedure has become a buzzword in Singapore and globally, attracting those who seek aesthetic improvements without invasive surgery.

However, the question of safety is paramount. Is fat freezing truly a risk-free option?

A Deep Dive into the Science and Reality of Fat Freezing

In my experience and through extensive research, I’ve found that while fat freezing is generally considered safe, it’s not without its potential risks and side effects. It’s crucial for individuals to be fully informed about what the procedure entails, including understanding the science behind it and the possible outcomes.

In the detailed article that follows, I will explore five key facts about fat freezing, shedding light on its safety, effectiveness, and what one can realistically expect from the procedure.

The exposure of your fat cells to the sub-zero temperatures helps to eliminate the fat cells and begins a process of natural removal in the body.

It is So Easy to Accumulate Fat Deposits

Our lifestyles, often sedentary due to the nature of work and urban living, coupled with dietary choices, play significant roles in this. What I’ve learned, both from academic studies and real-world observations, is that factors like genetics, metabolism, and even hormonal changes significantly influence how and where our bodies store fat.

How Cellulite Impacts Overall Health and Body Composition

This (cellulite) accumulation isn’t just a cosmetic concern; it also has implications for overall health. From the countless interactions I’ve had with clients and peers in the industry, it’s evident that understanding these factors is crucial in managing body composition

An image depicting the importance of safety measures and precautions in aesthetic treatments, emphasizing the need for professional guidance and adherence to recommended procedures.

There are Safety Issues Regarding Liposuction

Obviously, some people will certainly inform you obtaining a liposuction will certainly solve all your issues. Nonetheless, although highly efficient when performed suitably by a knowledgeable specialist, lipo is not exactly a stroll in the park.

This extremely intrusive procedure is associated with substantial downtime, feasible side effects ranging from minor to really significant, as well as considerable costs included as a result of the level of competence as well as treatment required. Besides, not everybody is comfortable with the idea of going under a blade for totally appearance-driven factors.

MOH Guidelines for Liposuction

In Singapore, for liposuction, patients who are planning to go for liposuction are usually given 7 days “cooling off” period to consider their decision. This period is mandatory for liposuction, because MOH has tightened the rules for invasive cosmetic procedures in 2011. Also, A doctor who performed a botched liposuction procedure in 2013 has been found liable for negligence in the death of his patient and ordered to pay about S$5.6 million in damages, as ruled by the Singapore High Court in Nov 2020. This shows the risks and dangers related to liposuction.

If only there was a non-surgical procedure that could dissolve fat with no downtime and also very minimal complications…..

Cryolipolysis is a Safer Alternative to Liposuction

Through my interactions with experts and continuous research, I’ve learned that cryolipolysis significantly reduces the risks associated with surgical procedures like liposuction. There’s no anesthesia, no incisions, and crucially, no prolonged recovery time.

Clients (from Wellaholic and Laser Aesthetics) often express their relief and satisfaction with the minimal discomfort and the convenience of returning to daily activities almost immediately after treatment.

Cryolipolysis Offers Targeted Body Contouring.

Furthermore, the precision of cryolipolysis allows for targeted fat reduction, which is particularly appealing for those looking to address specific problem areas. This method is not just about fat reduction; it’s about sculpting the body in a way that aligns with each individual’s aesthetic goals, safely and effectively.

Studies have shown that a single session of fat freezing can result in a 20-25% fat reduction in the treated area

What is Fat Freezing?

What is Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing?

Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, is a non-invasive way to get rid of unwanted fat from different parts of your body. It works by cooling down the fat cells in the target area (such as your belly, hips, thighs or any other stubborn fat pockets) to a very low temperature.

This causes the fat cells to die and be flushed out by your body naturally, just like any other waste. The best part is that the surrounding tissues are not harmed or scarred, unlike after liposuction which can leave marks!

For an easy reference, you can refer to the table below for the characteristics of cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting or fat freezing:

CharacteristicsHow Fat Freezing Works
ProcedureNon-invasive cosmetic treatment
Target AreaSpecific areas of the body with stubborn fat
MethodUses extreme cold to freeze and kill fat cells
MechanismCrystallizes fat cells, causing cell membranes to rupture
RemovalBody’s natural waste removal systems flush out dead fat cells
AnesthesiaNo anesthesia required
IncisionsNo incisions required
DowntimeMinimal downtime
DiscomfortMinimal discomfort
Weight LossNot a weight loss solution
Ideal CandidatesIndividuals already at or near ideal weight with stubborn pockets of fat
ResultsResults may vary depending on factors such as body type and specific areas being treated
SafetySafe and low-risk alternative to more invasive fat reduction methods
RecoveryMost patients able to resume normal activities immediately following procedure
ConsultationConsult with qualified and experienced practitioner to determine if procedure is right for you
Characteristics of Fat Freezing
At Wellaholic, we observe strict safety procedures for fat freezing, and there must be a gap of at least 28 days before the same body part can undergo the same treatment again.

How is the Cryolipolysis Procedure Like? 

Cold Temperatures to Break Down Fat Cells

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that uses cold temperatures to break down and eliminate stubborn fat cells in targeted areas of the body. During the procedure, a specially designed device is applied to the skin, which uses suction to draw the targeted area into the device and expose it to controlled cooling.

This cooling process freezes the fat cells, causing them to undergo apoptosis, or cell death. Over time, the body naturally eliminates these dead cells, resulting in a reduction in the amount of fat in the treated area [1].

Procedure is Safe with No Downtime

The Cryolipolysis procedure is generally well-tolerated and does not require any anesthesia or downtime. Patients may experience some discomfort or numbness during the procedure, but this typically resolves within a few minutes.

The length of the procedure will depend on the specific area being treated, but it typically takes around one hour per treatment area.

Gap of At Least 28 Days at Wellaholic

At Wellaholic, we observe strict safety procedures for fat freezing, and there must be a gap of at least 28 days before the same body part can undergo the same treatment again. Thus, you can expect to see complete outcomes at around 12 weeks Cryolipolysis treatment, so wait up until after that to decide if you need a lot more freezing job done.

As a general guide, you can anticipate to lose roughly an inch per treatment– yet this certainly does differ due to aspects such as body part dealt with, your metabolic rate, how big your fat down deposits are to start with, and so forth.

The latest innovation in the fat freeze 360 probes increases the coverage area, meaning that you can freeze a larger surface area (37% more coverage) per probe

Is Fat Freezing Safe and Risk-free?

As a whole, most health professionals and also researchers agree that cryolipolysis is a risk-free and efficient therapy to lower fat deposits in most locations. Over 5 million treatments have been executed world wide, with hundreds of studies, and also providing you don’t eat way too much and also put weight on, your results will certainly be long lasting.

To minimise the possibility of unforeseen outcomes, make sure you’re the best prospect for the “fat cold” procedure. Several of the criteria, for both males and females, consist of the following:

Cryolipolysis is a safe, effective procedure that assists do away with stubborn undesirable fat in a lot of areas of the body, such as upper legs, arms, abdominal area, chin, flanks, as well as every little thing in between.

Cryolipolysis is a safe, effective procedure that assists do away with stubborn undesirable fat in a lot of areas of the body, such as upper legs, arms, abdominal area, chin, flanks, as well as every little thing in between.

How Can I Prepare for a Fat Freezing Session?

Based on my extensive experience in the aesthetics industry, I’ve learned that preparation is key to maximizing the benefits of a fat freezing session.

Firstly, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle leading up to the treatment. This includes a balanced diet and regular exercise, as fat freezing is not a weight loss solution but rather a contouring treatment.

Additionally, ensuring proper hydration is crucial – drinking plenty of water before and after the session can aid the body’s process of eliminating the frozen fat cells.

Expert Hacks to Prep for Your Procedure for Optimal Success

From my interactions with experts and ongoing research, I’ve understood that avoiding anti-inflammatory medications for a week before the procedure can also be beneficial. These medications can potentially interfere with the body’s natural inflammatory response, which is essential for the elimination of the treated fat cells. Moreover, wearing comfortable clothing on the day of the treatment can enhance your comfort during and after the session.


In conclusion, the safety of fat freezing is a topic that has been thoroughly researched and discussed. The consensus is that when performed correctly, fat freezing is a safe and effective method for reducing stubborn fat deposits. However, like any procedure, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what it involves, the potential risks, and the expected outcomes. Always consult with a qualified professional before undergoing any treatment. Remember, your health and safety should always be your top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Makes Fat Freezing a Preferred Choice Over Traditional Weight Loss Methods in Singapore?

Answer: Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is increasingly popular in Singapore due to its non-invasive nature and targeted fat reduction capabilities. Unlike traditional weight loss methods that require diet and exercise, fat freezing specifically targets stubborn fat areas, offering a sculpting solution without the need for surgery or significant lifestyle changes.

2. Are There Any Specific Post-Treatment Care Instructions After Undergoing Fat Freezing?

Answer: Post-treatment care for fat freezing is minimal. Patients can resume normal activities immediately. However, it’s recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle and hydration to support the body’s process of eliminating the destroyed fat cells.

3. How Long Does It Take to See Results from Fat Freezing, and Are They Permanent?

Answer: Results from fat freezing typically become visible within a few weeks, with full results apparent after 2-3 months. The results can be long-lasting, provided the patient maintains a stable weight and healthy lifestyle.

4. Is Fat Freezing Suitable for Everyone, and Are There Any Contraindications?

Answer: While fat freezing is safe for most individuals, it’s not suitable for everyone. People with certain medical conditions like cryoglobulinemia, or those who are significantly overweight, may not be ideal candidates. A consultation with a qualified practitioner is essential to determine suitability.

With over 8 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, I am passionate about enhancing beauty and wellness through innovative, science-based approaches. As the Aesthetic Director at Wellaholic, I am committed to delivering exceptional services that are tailored to each client's unique needs. My expertise spans across advanced skincare treatments, body sculpting, hair removal services, and nutritional supplements, all aimed at helping clients achieve their personal best.

Serene Chiam, Aesthetic Director

Serene Chiam is the Aesthetic Director at Wellaholic, a well-known aesthetic chain in Singapore. She has more than ten years of experience in the aesthetics industry. With a Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) and CIDESCO certifications, she expertly combines scientific knowledge with practical skills. Serene is known for her personalized approach to beauty, ensuring each Wellaholic client’s journey is unique and transformative. Her significant contributions have been pivotal in establishing Wellaholic’s reputation for excellence in aesthetic wellness.

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Cryolipolysis in Singapore: Is Fat Freezing Safe? Discover 5 Key Facts

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