Wellaholic Lifetime Membership

TL:DR Summary

  • Enjoy Unlimited Perks with Wellaholic’s Lifetime Membership – Gain unlimited access to exclusive offers, discounts, and priority bookings.
  • Immerse in Unrivalled Savings and Benefits – Avail an impressive range of discounts across all services and products.
  • Experience Priority Access to Services – Jump the queue with priority booking for all Wellaholic treatments.
  • Delight in Lifetime Validity, No Expiry – Experience the joy of lifetime membership with no expiry worries.

How do I qualify for Wellaholic’s Lifetime Membership?

Wellaholic’s LIFETIME membership is a special exclusive membership reserved for our most esteemed loyal customers. The LIFETIME membership never expires. Accumulate a total of $8,888 to automatically qualify for this ultimate membership tier. Only reserved for our best and greatest customers. 

What are the benefits of a Lifetime Membership with Wellaholic?

LIFETIME Members enjoy the following benefits throughout the year: 

  • Lifetime Membership does not expire
  • Priority customer concierge and dedicated support team for all your booking requirements
  • 30% Cashback Bonus credits. (You earn $30 cashback credits for every $100 that you spend, including your qualifying purchase)
  • 30% Referral Bonus credits for your friend’s first service purchase
  • Cashback credits do not expire
  • Waiver of 24-hour cancellation policy
  • Special Product Hamper worth $500 from Wellaholic 
  • Lifetime access to Lifetime Maintain Mode with attractive prices for our various treatments 
  • Monthly member offers and specials 

Enjoy Lifetime maintain prices

LIFETIME Members also to get enjoy the Lifetime Maintain Prices for our expanded treatment types. As long as you meet the qualifying criteria, you get to enjoy the extremely attractive prices for the rest of your life!! This exclusive benefit is limited to our LIFETIME members as your membership lasts for a lifetime!!

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Learn more about the Wellaholic Membership scheme and all the cashback details via the button below. 

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