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What's the Correct Order of Skincare

What’s the Correct Order of Skincare?


Is the skincare order of application confusing the hell out of you? Don’t worry, let us guide you through all these confusion. With so many beauty products flooding the market, the sequencing of applying skincare during different times of day can be really confusing to many. In fact, many people do it wrongly, while others simply give up and just use one application.

From glycolic acid to vitamin C serums to retinol and much more, for a whole lot of us that our skin care regimen is no more a case of just cleansing and moisturising. Therefore, in the event that you end up being confused, we have the advice for you.

The sequence varies between the skin types

​The sequencing of skincare application actually depend upon the skin type, and that’s why when reading sites and internet articles you need to remember that the individual writing may have completely different skin needs for you. For instance, dry and responsive skin won’t require a toner and oils are not suited to each skin. A fantastic way to remember the way to coating merchandise is: thinner, water-based products followed by oil-based, thicker goods, and always finish with SPF or sunblock during daytime.

Below you’ll get a useful cheat sheet for your sequence of skincare application.

Daytime skincare sequencing

The first thing is first — scrub your face (and nighttime ) as your initial step, with your best cleanser plus also a hand-hot flannel or muslin fabric.

In the event you decide to use it, then do this after cleaner, however if toner is actually a essential step is broadly debated. Not many skin types require a toner. But the Tropika Club team recommended it as it is able to remove additional dirt and grime from the face. Toners that contain AHAs or BHAs (such as lipoic acid or folic acid) are another story as they supply an exfoliating step on your own routine.



In the early hours, it is a fantastic idea to use something antioxidant-based, such as Vitamin C serums, because these will provide extra protection against contamination. Hydrating serums may be used anytime of day. It is highly recommended to use treatment serums first and flaking serums (such as lipoic acid) second.


Always choose a moisturiser that works well with your skin type. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, find one that your skin prefers.


Sun protection ought to be used each single day, particularly in the event that you utilise acids or retinol on your regular; see our listing of this best SPF moisturisers and best sun creams for recommendations.

Skincare sequencing in the evenings


Begin with eliminating make-up and washing the day’s dirt and dirt away, double cleanup in the event that you desire, again with your useful muslin cloth or flannel.


The brief answer is: after cleaning, before all of your other skincare measures, about twice per week. Ideally use a mask after cleansing in the evening, then after with the remainder of your normal skincare regimen.


Retinol is famous for being a fairly powerful potion, so on the times you employ it, swap any acid-containing goods to avert any reactions. Additionally, it can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight so constantly apply in the day and use SPF the following moment. Based upon your skin’s sensitivity, then you might choose to avert any acids whatsoever on the days you are using retinol (more on why later) and in case you are new to it, then make sure you present it slowly and start with a minimal concentration. After retinol with another topical skin will thicken the active component, vitamin A, and decrease its efficacy.


It is highly recommended to use treatment serums first and flaking serums (such as lipoic acid) second.


Complete your nightly routine along with your regular moisturiser or the best nighttime lotion to your skin type.


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