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Is Fat Freezing Effective for Fat Loss?

Is Fat Freezing Effective for Fat Loss?

Table of Contents

TL:DR Summary

  • Fat freezing is a non-invasive fat loss technique. It uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells without harming the skin or other tissues.
  • Fat freezing has many benefits over other fat loss methods. It is painless, safe, effective, long-lasting and can target specific areas of the body.
  • Fat freezing requires proper preparation and aftercare. It is important to consult a doctor, follow a healthy diet and exercise routine, and massage the treated area.
  • Fat freezing results are not immediate or guaranteed. It can take up to 3 months to see the full effects and individual results may vary depending on various factors.
  • Fat freezing can have some side effects and complications. They include redness, swelling, bruising, numbness, tingling and rare cases of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia.
  • WellaFreeze 360 Advanced Fat Freezing: Wellaholic offers WellaFreeze 360 Advanced Fat Freezing, which uses 360 probes that can freeze and reduce up to 34% of body fat per session. This technology is more advanced and efficient than other similar devices on the market.

Introduction: Is Fat Freezing Effective for Fat Loss?

Compared to liposuction, fat freeze therapies can be done as an outpatient therapy. You will certainly be able to return to work or normal life the day of or the following day after your treatment

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on advanced fat freeze technology. In this article, we will discuss the latest technology in fat freeze, including the WellaFreeze 360, and how it can help you achieve your fat loss goals. We will also discuss the differences between WellaFreeze 360 and other similar devices on the market, such as Clatuu 360 and CoolSculpting 360. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the benefits of WellaFreeze 360, and how it can help you achieve your desired body shape.

What Really is Fat Freezing or Cryolipolysis?

Fat freeze, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive procedure that uses cold temperatures to destroy fat cells in targeted areas of the body. This technology was first introduced in the early 2000s and has since become a popular alternative to traditional liposuction. The procedure is painless, and there is no downtime required, making it an excellent option for individuals who do not want to undergo surgery.

“Fat freezing is a great alternative to traditional methods of fat loss, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice your health for results!”

During the fat freeze treatment and a couple of hours after the fat freeze service, you have experience a reduced sensation due to the extreme col

Does Fat Freeze Really Work?

CoolSculpting: What You Need to Know. CoolSculpting is a popular fat reduction treatment that uses cryolipolysis. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Cryolipolysis? Cryolipolysis is a process that involves reducing the temperature of fat to a certain degree. When the temperature of fat is lowered, cells go into apoptosis, which means they die and are then digested by the body.

How Does CoolSculpting Work? CoolSculpting works by cooling down the skin to a temperature where it hurts the fat but doesn’t hurt the skin. This makes it an effective fat reduction treatment. While it won’t replace a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can reduce small amounts of fat in the most stubborn areas.

Is CoolSculpting Effective? CoolSculpting and other forms of cryolipolysis have a high success rate. They are effective for removing areas of fat from the body and have fewer side effects than other procedures such as liposuction. However, it is not a miracle cure, and people should not expect a complete removal of fat. The procedure will not work for everybody, and some people may experience worse side effects than others.

The average prevalence of overweight among children and adolescents aged 5-19 years in Asia-Pacific was 15.8% and obesity was 5.0% in 2019.

Who is a Good or Ideal Candidate for Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, has become increasingly popular as a non-invasive way to lose pockets of fat without needles, knives, or significant downtime. But, as with any medical procedure, it’s not for everyone.

While the belly or stomach is the most popular treatment area, other areas ideal for fat freezing includes many areas. The hips, inner thighs, lower back, upper arms or even chin can be treated

You should be near your ideal body weight

The ideal candidate for fat freezing is someone who is at or near their ideal body weight but has stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Cryolipolysis is not a weight loss treatment and should not be used as a substitute for healthy habits.

You should have pinchable fat

Fat freezing is best suited for people with pinchable fat, which means that the fat can be easily grabbed between two fingers. This type of fat tends to respond well to cryolipolysis. However, individuals with large amounts of visceral fat, which is fat that surrounds the organs and is not pinchable, are not good candidates for the procedure.

You should not have certain medical conditions

It’s important to note that cryolipolysis is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions, such as cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. It’s also not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Always Consult a Doctor When Uncertain

In summary, the ideal candidate for fat freezing is someone who is at or near their ideal body weight but has stubborn pockets of pinchable fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. It’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine if you are a good candidate for cryolipolysis and to discuss any potential risks or complications.

Reducing carb intake, especially refined carbs, can be very beneficial for losing fat, including abdominal fat

What’s the Run Down on Body Fats?

Understanding Different Types of Fat and Body Composition. There are two distinct types of fat in our bodies: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Here’s what you need to know:

Subcutaneous Fat vs. Visceral Fat. Subcutaneous fat is the kind of fat that can be found just beneath the skin. It’s the fat that may roll over the waistband of your pants. Visceral fat, on the other hand, is the fat that lines your organs and is associated with diabetes and heart disease.

The Body’s Ability to Remove Fat Decreases with Age. A recent study showed that the body’s ability to remove subcutaneous fat decreases with age. This means that it can be more challenging to get rid of unwanted fat with each passing year.

Gender and Body Composition. Men tend to have a lower body fat percentage than women due to differences in their body composition. On average, men have more lean tissue and less fat than women.

Ideal Body Fat Percentage. The ideal body fat percentage differs based on age. For example, a healthy body fat percentage for a man in his 20s is around 15-20%, while a healthy body fat percentage for a man in his 60s is around 23-26%. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different, and the ideal body fat percentage can vary based on factors such as activity level, genetics, and overall health.

RF body sculpting uses radiofrequency energy to target and destroy fat cells. It can also tighten skin. The procedure is safe and effective, and has very little downtime.

Does fat freezing tighten loose skin?

Well, kind of, but not really. While there is a natural contraction that occurs when you remove fat with any treatment, there’s nothing specific about the CoolSculpting technology that causes skin tightening. There are treatments using radio frequency to heat the skin to tighten it, such as Wellaholic’s WellaSculpt. But CoolSculpting does not have that. Lifestyle and other factors may also play a role. A person who continues to eat an unhealthful diet and remains sedentary while undergoing CoolSculpting can expect less fat reduction.

How is the cryolipolysis procedure like? 

Understanding Cryolipolysis and WellaFreeze 360. Cryolipolysis is a fat reduction treatment that doesn’t require surgery or the use of needles. Here’s how it works:

The Process. The device holds the part of your body that your doctor wants to target between two paddles. The paddles cool quickly, and your doctor leaves them in place for about 35 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. During that time, the process destroys about 20%-25% of the fat cells in the area that’s targeted.

WellaFreeze 360. At Wellaholic, we offer traditional fat freezing machines with probes that contain two paddles. But we also have our revolutionary WellaFreeze 360, which is the top-range, best-performing cryolipolysis machine.

Increased Fat Removal with WellaFreeze 360. WellaFreeze 360 increases absolute fat removal by up to 19% more (in addition to the usual 14% to 28% fat reduction from each session).

Painless and No Downtime. Additionally, the WellaFreeze 360 is painless and requires no downtime. The body will naturally dispose of dead fat cells.

Multiple Probes/Applicators. What’s special about WellaFreeze 360 is that up to 4 probes or applicators can be used concurrently at one session (as short as 30 minutes due to its efficiency and effectiveness). This feature saves both time and money for the patient.

In a nutshell, this article has taught us the following key points...


In conclusion, fat freezing can be an effective method for reducing unwanted fat in certain areas of the body. It is a non-invasive procedure that targets and destroys fat cells, leading to a gradual reduction in fat over time. However, it’s important to note that results may vary depending on the individual’s body type, lifestyle habits, and overall health. It is also important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to maximize the benefits of fat freezing. Consulting with a qualified healthcare provider is recommended to determine if fat freezing is the right option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is fat freezing, and how does it work for fat loss?

Fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive procedure that uses controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells. The body then naturally eliminates the treated fat cells over time, leading to fat reduction in the targeted area.

Is fat freezing a safe procedure for fat loss?

Yes, fat freezing is considered a safe and FDA-approved procedure for fat reduction. It targets only fat cells, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed, and involves no surgery or downtime.

How long does it take to see results after fat freezing treatment?

While individual results may vary, many people start noticing visible fat reduction within a few weeks after the fat freezing treatment. The full effect becomes evident within a few months.

Is fat freezing effective for all body types and stubborn fat areas?

Fat freezing is effective for various body types and can target stubborn fat areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, and love handles. However, a consultation with Wellaholic’s specialists can determine the suitability of the treatment for specific body concerns.

How many fat freezing sessions are typically needed for optimal fat loss?

The number of fat freezing sessions required depends on individual goals and the targeted area. Most individuals achieve significant fat reduction after one to three sessions, but additional treatments can further enhance results.

Can fat freezing be combined with other body sculpting treatments for better results?

Yes, fat freezing can be combined with other body sculpting treatments like radiofrequency or ultrasound for enhanced results. Wellaholic’s specialists can recommend personalized treatment plans based on individual needs.

What is WellaSmooth All-inclusive Hair Removal Regime?

What is WellaFreeze 360 Advanced Fat Freezing?

  • WellaFreeze™ 360 Fat Freezing is the latest innovation in fat freezing. It uses a newer Cryolipolysis model over the traditional WellaFreeze cryolipolysis machine. 
  • WellaFreeze™ 360 Fat Freezing helps target the stubborn fat and cellulite areas of your body that do not react well to exercise and dieting.
  • WellaFreeze™ 360 Fat Freezing “dissolves” fat cells controlled cooling at sub-zero temperatures.
  • WellaFreeze™ 360 Fat Freezing with its newer technology can remove between 17% to 34% of subcutaneous fat from each session.
  • WellaFreeze™ 360 Fat Freezing can treat up to 4 body parts concurrently.
  • WellaFreeze™ 360 Fat Freezing takes only 30 minutes per session, due to increased freezing efficiency.
WellaFreeze fat freeze cryolipolysis is a safe and effective treatment for fat loss

WellaFreeze™ 360 uses 360 probes which can freeze and reduce up to 34% of body fat per session with no or minimal bruising to the body.

360 Fat Freeze Vs Fat Freeze

Why Choose WellaFreeze™ 360 Advanced Fat Freeze?

  • Latest 4th Generation Freezing. WellaFreeze™ 360 advanced fat freezing uses the latest fat freeze technology and is designed for customers who wants to achieve highest fat reduction with fat freezing.
  • Up to 34% Fat Loss Each Session. Increase in percentage of fat loss due to newer technology and coverage.
  • 360° Surround Cooling Technology. The handles or cooling cups can be adjusted to fit all body curves and contouring for best freezing.
  • Breathing Technology Reduces Bruising. “Breathing” technology improves freeze while minimising bruising from the suction.
  • Shorter Time Needed. Each duration is reduced from typical 60 minutes to just 30 minutes.

WellaFreeze Fat Freezing Can Target the Following Body Parts

  • Stomach / Belly / Tummy / Abdomen
  • Love Handles / Flanks
  • Under the Neck / Double Chin
  • Back / Bra Area
  • Thighs
  • Male Chest (Pseudo gynecomastia)
  • Arms
  • Under Buttocks (Banana Roll)
All the Body Parts for Fat Freeze

Pricing of Body Shaping Treatments by Wellaholic

  • 💎 Price Transparency. Wellaholic offers pricing transparency by publishing and updating all prices on our website.
  • 💎 Flexible Per-Session or Unlimited Plans. Customers can choose from unlimited monthly or per-session slimming price plans.
  • 💎 Mix and Match Easily. Wellaholic’s slimming prices are divided into different categories for easy selection.
  • 💎 No Price Shocks. Customers can expect to pay only for the treatments provided instead of being surprised by additional fees or charges at the end of their slimming session.
Wellaholic comparison of slimming services


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Why Wellaholic is One of the Best Body Shaping Treatment Providers in Singapore?

  • Leading Body Shaping Chain in Singapore. Wellaholic is a leading slimming and body shaping chain in Singapore that is highly sought after by customers.
  • Quality & Safe Treatments. The company is committed to providing quality and safe treatments with experienced staff.
  • Wide Range of Body Contouring Treatments. Wellaholic offers a wide range of slimming and body shaping treatments for various body parts including chin, upper arms, front armpit fat, bra line, gynecomastia, back, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles, underbutt, thighs and knees.
  • Trained & Experienced Consultants. All treatments are performed by trained professionals who understand the skincare needs of both female and male customers.
  • Advanced Body Shaping Technology. Advanced slimming technologies such as ultrasound, Cryolipolysis, radio frequency and cold wave lasers are used to ensure a safe experience with no downtime or discomfort during the entire process.
  • Most Affordable Provider. Wellaholic provides competitive pricing for its treatments which makes it one of the most affordable providers in Singapore.
 WellaMuscle Infographic v2

Reason 1: Wellaholic Offers Comprehensive Slimming & Body Shaping Services and Expertise at Affordable Prices

Wellaholic provides a variety of body-sculpting treatments to help you manage fat effectively. See the table below for a quick guide to our services and how they align with your slimming goals. Many clients opt for a combination of treatments for optimal results.

Slimming TreatmentFeaturesIdeal For Customers Who
WellaShape™ 3X Total Plan Choose from any 3 body contouring treatments: burn fat, tone body or build muscle– Want quick results
– Want to combine 3 treatments at a great discount
WellaFreeze™ 360 Latest fat freeze technology with 360 handle coverage– Want up to 34% fat loss
– Want less bruising
WellaFreeze™ Original fat freeze technology with 2 freeze plates– Want to try fat freezing for first time
WellaCavi™ Ultrasound fat cavitation to vibrate and burst the fat deposits– Want to target fat that is less “pinchable”
WellaLipo™ Laser lipo which uses cold wave lasers to eliminate fat with no downtime– Want to shrink fat cells in conjunction with other treatments
WellaMuscle™HIFEM energy which causes muscle contraction to build muscle and sculpt body– Want to build muscle
– Want to sculpt body
WellaSculpt™ Advanced RF energy to tighten loose skin– Want to get rid of loose skin
– Want to tone the body
WellaSoothe™HIFEM energy for effective ache and pain relief– Want to relieve aches & pains
– Want to loosen tense muscles
Stretch Mark MicroneedlingRemove appearance of stretch marks using multiple micro-needles– Want to remove the appearance of stretch marks (fat loss / pregnancy)
Comparison Between Wellaholic’s Various Body Shaping and Slimming Services
Wellaholic Awards over the Years

Reason 2: Wellaholic Has Over 50 Awards and 2000 Genuine Customer Reviews

  • Over 50 Awards. Wellaholic’s WellaSmooth and SHR Hair Removal have been recognized by top beauty publications such as Daily Vanity, Beauty Insider, and Tropika Club Magazine, earning prestigious awards from 2018 to 2023.
  • Over 2000 Verified Customer Reviews. Wellaholic has over 2000 verified positive reviews from our customers in Singapore and beyond.
  • Verifiable Reviews. The reviews are verified and positive, which indicates the high level of customer satisfaction (see reviews below).
  • Over 50% Repeat Customers. More than 50% of Wellaholic’s customers are repeat and recurring customers.
Why it is easy to book an appointment at Wellaholic

Reason 3: It’s Easy to Book an Appointment at Wellaholic

  • Open 361 Days Per Year. Wellaholic’s 8 outlets are open 361 days a year, including public holidays, so that customers can easily book an appointment.
  • No Queues. All appointments are booked in advanced to prevent the need to queue and wait unnecessarily during peak hours.
  • Easy Online Booking. Customers can conveniently book and reschedule appointments online or via the booking app.
  • No Extra Cost for Choosing Consultant. Customers can select their preferred consultant without having to pay any additional fees.

Wellaholic is Singapore's premier aesthetic chain offering high-quality services like hair removal, facials, hair regrowth, teeth whitening, and slimming treatments. With eight locations, we're specialists in advanced aesthetics, providing lasting results through treatments like microneedling, permanent hair removal, fat freeze, and body sculpting.

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