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Effect of Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis on Abdominal Obesity of Women


As part of Wellaholic’s Educational Series, we are reviewing the research report on the effectiveness of fat freezing on women. This is based on the case study published in 2017 by Meyer PF and team on US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health. 

​Summarised from the abstract by Meyer PF and team on Sep 2017 published on US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health.  (Source:


The study aims to verify the effectiveness of cryolipolysis in the reduction of localized adiposity (obesity) in women. ​Adiposity: a condition of being severely overweight, or obese. There also is a measurement of body fat used by some researchers known as the body adiposity index (BAI). Unlike the BMI, weight is not taken to account in the BAI, which is based on a person’s height and hip circumference.  

What are the limitations of Fat Freezing?

If you’re thinking about the treatment, you should know its constraints. CoolSculpting is intended to reduce the appearance of noticeable bulges, not as a treatment for weight problems. The particular areas of fat targeted might likewise consist of thighs, upper arms, abdomen, breasts, and “banana handles” (fat under the butts).

One often-distressing condition that fat freezing appears to assist is the reduction of the size of males’s breasts. (Treatment for this is the fourth-most popular plastic surgery treatment for guys.) A little research study released in September 2015 found that 95 percent of 21 men treated with freezing felt their look had improved and 89 percent cited less humiliation about the look of their chest. Each male had 2 60-minute treatments followed by another 2 months later. All felt their quality of life enhanced. Results showed that the procedure is usually safe; with minimal to no downtime for patients, and that the enhancements were sustained for a year following treatment. Basic treatment to decrease breast size in guys is surgical treatment under general anaesthesia or liposuction or both.

How is the Fat Freezing Procedure Like?

In Singapore, Fat Freezing is becoming more popular and common. While fat freezing is painless and has little or no downtime, it must be conducted by experienced consultants to prevent any post-treatment implications such as freeze burns, etc.

  1. At Wellaholic, the treatment is conducted in a cosy and comfortable room.
  2. Prior to the treatment, our friendly consultant will check with you on your freeze objectives. There will also be a safety briefing to update you on not only the safety procedures but also care guidelines as well as possible side effects. 
  3. Your pulse rate and blood oxygen level is measured to make sure you are eligible for WellaFreeze fat freeze.
  4. The treated area is measured by the consultant – this helps the consultant to adjust the appropriate setting. 
  5. An anti-freeze membrane is applied to the skin to protect the skin from freeze burns.
  6. The consultant will assist to secure the probe to the treatment area. 
  7. The vacuum will pull the treated area into the probe, and deep freezing will take place. 

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