Your Guide on How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

7 Proven Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss

TL:DR Summary

  • The Goal of Healthy Weight Loss: Prioritize healthy and sustainable practices over rapid but risky weight loss methods.
  • Importance of Balanced Nutrition: Incorporating a variety of nutritious foods in your diet supports overall health and weight management.
  • Regular Physical Activity for Weight Loss: Engage in regular exercise to boost metabolism and promote healthy weight loss.
  • Understanding the Role of Sleep: Adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining metabolic health and managing weight.
  • Managing Stress for Weight Control: High stress levels can interfere with your weight loss efforts; manage stress effectively for better results.
  • Long-Term Consistency over Short-Term Intensity: Consistency in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to sustainable weight loss and overall health.
The table concisely outlines seven proven weight loss strategies, each with a key point and associated benefits, ranging from dietary balance and exercise routines to sleep, hydration, mindful eating, stress management, and the importance of consistency.
7 Proven Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss


As the Founder and Managing Director of a leading aesthetic chain in Singapore, I try to understand the aesthetic needs and requirements of our customers. Over the years, I’ve had the unique privilege of witnessing countless personal transformations, particularly in the realm of weight management.

In this article, I’m excited to share with you seven proven strategies for healthy weight loss. These strategies are not just theoretical; they are distilled from a combination of scientific research, feedback from thousands of clients, and my own observations in the industry. The focus here is on sustainable, healthy weight loss – a journey that goes beyond mere aesthetics and delves into overall well-being.

It's crucial to set achievable targets, such as losing 1-2 kilos per week, which has been shown to be more sustainable in the long term

Strategy 1: Set Realistic Goals for Healthy Weight Loss

Based on my years of experience in the aesthetics and wellness industry, I’ve come to understand the importance of setting realistic goals for healthy weight loss. It’s not just about losing pounds quickly; it’s about creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. From academic learnings and ongoing research, I’ve learned that successful weight loss involves a balance of dietary changes, physical activity, and behavioral modifications.

It’s crucial to set achievable targets, such as losing 1-2 kilos per week, which has been shown to be more sustainable in the long term. This gradual approach helps in maintaining muscle mass while losing fat, and also in adapting to lifestyle changes without feeling overwhelmed.

Ditch the One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Additionally, with the countless feedback and insights from customers and peers, I’ve realized the significance of individualized plans. Everyone’s body is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s important to consider personal preferences, lifestyle, and any medical considerations when setting weight loss goals.

Emphasizing small, incremental changes in daily habits, like increasing water intake or adding more vegetables to meals, can have a profound impact over time.

There are several reasons why Singaporeans are gaining weight. One reason is that people are eating more calories than they were 10 years ago

Strategy 2: Find Your Inner Motivation for Weight Loss

From what I’ve learned, both from academic research and engagement with experts, the most successful weight loss stories are those where individuals have a deep, personal reason for their journey.

Whether it’s aiming for better health, increased energy levels, or a desire to feel more confident, these intrinsic motivations are key. They provide a sustainable source of willpower, far more enduring than fleeting external motivations.

Connecting Emotions to Weight Loss Goals

Moreover, with the countless feedback and insights from customers, I’ve realized that setting realistic and personal goals is crucial for effective weight loss. It’s not just about losing a certain number of kilos; it’s about what that loss represents for each individual.

For some, it might be the ability to play with their kids without feeling out of breath; for others, it could be fitting into a cherished outfit. This personalized approach to weight loss creates a deeper emotional connection to the goal, making the journey more meaningful and achievable

Always try to eat enough, so that you really feel completely satisfied, especially in the beginning of the weight-loss process

Strategy 3: Count Your Bites

In my time in the aesthetics industry, I have seen a shift towards mindful eating. This is key for a balanced lifestyle. One method, ‘Count Your Bites,’ is getting popular. It’s not just counting. It’s about being aware of our eating.

This method helps manage portions and digestion. Counting bites is a simple way to control how much we eat. It does not need strict calorie counting. This method makes us eat slower. We enjoy our food more. It also aids digestion. In busy places like Singapore, we often eat fast. Slowing down is good for us.

A hearty, balanced breakfast can kickstart your metabolism and help in maintaining a healthy weight. It's not just about quantity but quality. Incorporating proteins, whole grains, and fruits can provide sustained energy and prevent mid-morning cravings.

Strategy 4: Eat Like a King at Breakfast

In my talks with experts and clients, the ‘Eating like a king at breakfast‘ idea often comes up. This strategy isn’t just about a big meal. It’s about starting the day with foods rich in nutrients. These foods give you energy and vital nutrients for the day.

A big, balanced breakfast can start your metabolism. This helps keep a healthy weight. It’s important to think about what you eat, not just how much. Adding proteins, whole grains, and fruits to your breakfast can keep you energized. They also stop you from feeling hungry later in the morning.

Big Breakfast, Bigger Problem?

But, is a big breakfast always good? I remember a client who ate a big breakfast daily but struggled to keep a healthy weight. I found out her breakfast had too many carbs and not enough protein.

I suggested she eat more proteins, whole grains, and fruits. She saw her energy go up in a few weeks. She also kept a healthy weight.

Squats are one of the most effective exercises for targeting the glutes. By performing squats, you engage the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus muscles.

Strategy 5: Exercise Regularly

Drawing from my extensive experience in aesthetics and wellness, I’ve come to realize the immense importance of regular exercise in maintaining not just physical health, but also aesthetic well-being.

It goes beyond the obvious benefits of weight management and muscle tone. Regular physical activity boosts circulation, enhancing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which can lead to a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Exercise: The Fountain of Youth

From what I’ve learned, consistent exercise also plays a crucial role in stress reduction. Stress can have a direct impact on skin health, contributing to conditions like acne or premature aging. Encouraging a routine of regular exercise is not just about shaping the body; it’s about cultivating an overall state of well-being that reflects in one’s appearance.

Sleep plays a crucial role in our overall health, including the condition of our skin. During sleep, our body enters a state of rest and regeneration, and this applies to our skin cells as well.

Strategy 6: Get Enough Sleep

It’s not just a matter of getting enough hours, but the quality of sleep that matters. From the countless feedback and insights from customers at Wellaholic, I’ve seen firsthand how a lack of restful sleep can lead to a tired appearance, under-eye circles, and even affect skin health. It’s fascinating how sleep influences our body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.

I once had a client who was getting enough sleep, but still had a tired appearance and under-eye circles. After some investigation, I discovered that my client was sleeping with the air conditioning on, which was causing her skin to dry out and lose moisture. I advised her to turn off the air conditioning and use a humidifier instead. Within a few days, her skin looked more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sleep Your Way to Glowing Skin 

When we sleep, our body goes into a state of restoration, repairing the day’s damage and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. This is crucial for maintaining youthful, vibrant skin. Good sleep hygiene, therefore, becomes an essential strategy in any beauty regimen. It’s about more than just looking good – it’s about feeling good and giving your body the rest it deserves to function at its best.

A diet abundant in antioxidants - think vibrant fruits and vegetables - and low in processed foods can make a noticeable difference in the skin's health, particularly in reducing the susceptibility to issues like blackheads

Strategy 7: Choose a Diet You Can Stick To

To me, it’s clear that a diet should not just be about temporary changes or extreme restrictions. Rather, it should be a lifestyle choice that you can comfortably adhere to in the long term. This approach ensures not just a transient improvement in appearance but fosters overall well-being and health.

Nourish, Don’t Deprive: Build a Diet You Love

In advising customers at my previous role in Australia, I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact of choosing a diet that aligns with one’s lifestyle and personal preferences. It’s not just about cutting out certain foods or following the latest diet fads. It’s about finding a balance that works for you.

This could mean different things for different people – for some, it’s a plant-based diet, for others, it might be a focus on lean proteins or integrating more whole foods. The key is sustainability. A diet you can stick to is one that feels less like a diet and more like a natural part of your everyday life.

In conclusion, achieving healthy weight loss is a journey that involves a combination of proven strategies. These include maintaining a balanced diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, staying hydrated, mindful eating, and consistency. Remember, the goal is not just to lose weight, but to do it in a way that is healthy and sustainable. It’s about making long-term lifestyle changes that will not only help you reach your weight loss goals, but also improve your overall health and wellbeing. So, take one step at a time, be patient with yourself, and celebrate every progress you make along the way. You’ve got this!


A balanced diet is fundamental. It’s not just about fewer calories. It’s about feeding your body the right stuff. Think nutrient-rich, minimally processed foods. Also, exercise tailored to personal fitness levels and preferences is a game changer in shedding weight.

Celebrate small wins, manage big emotions: The healthy weight journey roadmap

A major factor? Managing emotional eating. I’ve seen clients transform their weight loss journey by tackling emotional triggers and adopting healthier coping skills. Remember, consistency and patience are key. Quick fixes don’t work long-term. Sustainable weight loss is a slow process. Set realistic goals and celebrate small wins – it’s motivating. And don’t overlook quality sleep and stress management. They’re vital in controlling metabolism and appetite. A holistic approach, incorporating all these elements, is crucial for long-term healthy weight maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are some healthy snack options for weight loss in Singapore?

A: Healthy snacking is crucial for weight loss. Options like fresh fruits, low-fat yogurt, whole grain crackers, and nuts are great choices. These snacks are not only nutritious but also help in maintaining energy levels and preventing overeating during meals.

Q2: How does WellaFreeze™ 360 Advanced Fat Freezing complement a weight loss regimen?

A: WellaFreeze™ 360 Advanced Fat Freezing targets stubborn fat areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. It’s a non-invasive treatment that helps in reducing body fat effectively, complementing your overall weight loss and body shaping goals.

Q3: Can stress affect my weight loss efforts?

A: Yes, high stress levels can negatively impact weight loss. Stress can lead to emotional eating and disrupt metabolic health. Managing stress through relaxation techniques, adequate sleep, and physical activity is essential for successful weight loss.

Q4: Are there any specific exercises recommended for weight loss in Singapore’s climate?

A: In Singapore’s warm climate, activities like swimming, brisk walking in shaded parks, and indoor gym workouts are excellent for weight loss. These exercises are effective in burning calories and can be comfortably done in the local weather conditions.

Q5: How important is sleep in the context of weight loss?

A: Adequate sleep is vital for weight loss. It helps in regulating metabolism, appetite, and energy levels. Poor sleep can lead to weight gain by affecting hunger hormones and increasing cravings for high-calorie foods.

Q6: Are meal replacements a good strategy for weight loss?

A: Meal replacements can be effective for short-term weight loss under medical supervision. However, they should not replace whole foods entirely, as they may lack essential nutrients. It’s important to use them judiciously as part of a balanced diet.

Founder and Managing Director for Wellaholic, an aesthetic chain with 8 outlets island-wide in Singapore.

Willie Chan, Founder

Willie Chan, a visionary leader and relentless pursuer of excellence, is the Founder and Managing Director of Wellaholic, a renowned aesthetic chain with 8 outlets across Singapore. With a strong belief in evidence-based, effective, and affordable aesthetic treatments, Willie ensures that customers receive the best care possible. His ENTJ Myer-Briggs personality drives him to set clear visions and pursue them without excuses. Willie holds a CIDESCO as well as Beauty Therapy & Salon Management from Brentwood College UK and has studied Operations Management at The Wharton School and Management at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, equipping him with a solid foundation in the business of aesthetics. 

Contact Willie at [email protected]


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Achieve Your Goals: 7 Proven Strategies for Healthy Weight Loss and Sustainable Diet Plans

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