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You are Probably Applying Your Sunscreen All Wrong

You are Probably Applying Your Sunscreen All Wrong


Shielding yourself from the sun’s rays with SPF is essential no matter the time of year, though we all start thinking about it a little more when the warm weather arrives and we’re spending time outdoors. But even if you make the effort to wear sunscreen year-round, there’s a good chance you’re missing a key spot when applying. 

No, we aren’t talking about those pesky hard-to-reach areas that require a helping hand — it turns out most people aren’t properly covering their eyelids. Yes, eyelids! It’s a sensitive area that many of us may intuitively avoid when smearing products on our face, but it’s also one of the higher risk sections for skin cancer.

While limiting your exposure to the sun with shade and clothing is the most effective way of avoiding damage to your skin, it’s important to wear a sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF as well. But a recent study published by PLOS ONE from the University of Liverpool, claims that even those of us who are meticulous about applying (and re-applying) sunscreen throughout the day might be completely missing this the vulnerable area. And if SPF moisturiser is your go-to, you’re even more likely to pass over it without realising. 

“Analysis revealed that application of moisturiser was significantly worse than sunscreen in terms of area of the whole face missed.” Yikes! Like sunscreen, moisturiser users were forgetting their eyelid area, but also had a greater lack of general coverage overall.

Daily Sunscreen by Wellaholic

Daily Sunscreen by Wellaholic

And if you are looking for a great sunscreen, do consider our DAILY SUNSCREEN, which has just won Beauty Insider Beauty Awards 2019. (Awarded: Best Ladies Products – Face Sunscreen ; Reader’s Choice Award 2019.)

At only $39.90 for 100ml of powerful SPF40++ with UVA and UVB protection, this handy little guardian works well with your moisturiser and offers round-the-clock protection against the sun wherever, whenever. 

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