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Fat Freeze Guide: What are the Areas of the Body Best Treated with Fat Freeze?

Fat freezing is designed to target certain fat types and hence is most effective in freezing away fat in specific body areas


If you’re considering using non-invasive Cryolipolysis, also known as, Coolsculpting, WellaFreeze and Fat Freezing to eliminate body fat in Singapore, you might know that while it is an effective procedure backed by research case studies, fat freeze cannot effectively target all areas of your body. Fat freezing is designed to target certain fat types and hence is most effective in freezing away fat in specific body areas. Generally, cryolipolysis is more effective in targeting surface fats. In this in-depth article by Wellaholic, we are going to share the body parts best treated by fat freezing as well as the tips to maximise your fat freeze treatment.

By 2010, the first cryolipolysis technology approved for human use, named CoolSculpting, was cleared as a treatment for love handles. The CoolSculpting process causes permanent death to the targeted fat cells, which then break down and naturally leave the body. A cool procedure To date, there have been more than eight million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide. ​As a fat-reduction treatment, the goal is to reduce the amount of fat cells in the body and is not a weight-loss solution. ​

Does Fat Freeze Work on the Stomach?

In fact, the stomach, the belly or the abdominal area is the most common area treated with WellaFreeze or fat freezing. As stubborn fat can easily accumulate at the abdominal area. This is a common phenomenon for both males and females, and for all ages. Sometimes, even with regular exercise and diet, stubborn fat may still remain in the stomach area, and it can be very disheartening. For men, it is the beer belly, surgery, medication, as well as reaching the 40s. For women, it could be post-pregnancy, medication, menopause and more. (Read more about the six types of body fat and how you can remove them). Fortunately, stomach or belly fat is the best body areas for fat freezing. If you are looking to have a flatter stomach, and washboard abs that you can sculpt through a combination of fat freeze, diet and exercise, this is the right body area to start. After 6 to 12 weeks, most patients who received cryolipolysis treatment at the stomach area see about a 30% reduction in stomach fat.

Common immediate side effects of CoolSculpting include: redness firmness pinching sensation minor swelling tenderness bruising stinging tingling numbness skin sensitivity mild to moderate pain muscle cramping A person may continue to experience these side effects for a few weeks after the procedure. ​

Does Fat Freeze Work on the Arms?

Do you have a concern with flabby arms? The underside of your arms, where your triceps are, is one of the most common deposit for stubborn fat. This upper arm area is another body part ideal for fat freeze, and you can follow up with a Radio Frequency treatment such as WellaSculpt. With cryolipolysis, the stubborn fat in this part of the body can be eliminated, and further toned and sculpted with RF body sculpting.

​The treatment is well tolerated by most patients although some may find the cold temperature to be slightly uncomfortable. Exposed to the cold temperature, your fat cells start to crystallise. Fat freezing works by causing cell apoptosis (fat cell death) at very cold temperatures.   The waist and love handles are actually very similar to the stomach, as they are the common areas for fat to be deposited. “Love handles” is an informal term for the sides of deposits of excess fat at the side of one’s waistline. The underlying cause of love handles is fat retention. Generally speaking, fat cells accumulate when your body takes in too many calories or you don’t burn as many calories as you’re consuming. Over time, these fat cells can become noticeable as they accumulate in certain areas, such as around your waist and hips. Love handles on the whole changes the (view of the) shape of your body.

​During the Fat Freezing treatment, controlled cooling is applied to the selected target area, resulting in the break down of fat cells while sparing the skin and surrounding tissue. Clients can also expect to feel a localised soreness after their fat freezing treatment, similar to that of a minor muscle injury or intense workout.

Does Fat Freeze Work on the Back?

When you age, the back fat becomes a more pertinent issue. This is because as you age, the multiple layers of different muscles in the back will start to sag and loosen over time. When this happens, the fat starts to fill in between the spaces and causes ugly bulges to appear. This tends to be more noticeable in the lower back area, and is compounded by its proximity to your stomach, love handles as well as the thigh areas. Fortunately, fat freezing can also effectively target the back area as it can effectively target the stomach area.

Does Fat Freeze Work on the Thighs?

The inner and outer thighs are gradually becoming a very popular treatment requested by our clients. The thigh tends to have more muscle than other areas, such as your stomach and love handles. However, the inside and in some cases the outside of your thighs are areas that can be effectively treated with Cryolipolysis. It can help give you that thigh gap you haven’t had for years, and trim down your thighs so that they look more toned and also more defined.

Does Fat Freeze Work on the Chin?

Many individuals may suffer from an issue with double chin. A double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin. The skin can start to lose its elasticity as the body ages, which can lead to the appearance of extra or saggy skin that may contribute to a double chin. While weight gain is not always the cause of a double chin, it can contribute to it. A diet high in calories, processed foods, and unhealthful fats may influence weight gain and a double chin as well. At Wellaholic, we do have mini applicators designed to treat double chin.

What is Wellaholic’s Experience with Fat Freezing?

At Wellaholic, we take our Wellafreeze fat freeze, fat freezing or cryolipolysis treatments very seriously. This is because the fat freeze treatments involves deep freezing, or apoptosis, which is the ideal exposure of sub-zero temperatures for non-invasive fat reduction. This procedure eliminates stubborn fat cells by safely delivering precisely controlled temperature to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin.

The fat cells are eliminated through a gradual freezing process that does not harm surrounding tissues. The body’s natural metabolic process will then remove the unwanted fat. CoolSculpting removes the frozen fat cells in the body. The procedures all work essentially the same way: They target and destroy fat, which your body’s lymphatic system then filters away over time, generally within a few months.

Now, because the thickness of the treatment area will impact the duration of treatment as well as the temperature, it is highly important that our therapists measure the treated layer via both a pinch test (with fingers) as well as with the calipers. The measurement is then recorded to gauge progress of the customer over time.

Even if the customer insists on adjust to a lower temperature or prolonging the treatment process, we do not allow it. This is because the safety of the customer must come first, and effectiveness and efficacy next. By over-treating the area, the chances of a freeze burn increases dramatically. A freeze burn is a very painful process , similar to a second-degree burn which can lead to permanent scarring. For the safety of all our customers, our therapists take extra caution to prevent any possibility of freeze burns.

Why do we need measure the fat before Fat Freezing?

​The Skinfold caliper is a device which measures the thickness of a fold of your skin with its underlying layer of fat. By doing this at the key locations can be a quite accurate representative of the total amount of fat that is on your body, it is also possible to estimate the total percent of bodyfat on your body.

​If you’re right handed, pull out the fold of skin with the underlying layer of fat with your left hand and hold it with the fingers of the left hand. Then with the calipers in your right hand, place the jaws of the calipers as shown in the diagrams below. The jaws of the calipers should be about 1/4″ (7.5mm) from the fingers of your left hand which continues to hold the fold of skin. Release the trigger of the calipers so the entire force of the jaws is on the Skinfold. Do not release the fingers of the left hand while taking the readings.

It is important to keep holding firmly the fold of skin with the fingers so that the calipers are measuring just the thickness of the fold of skin. You will notice that when you place the calipers on the Skin-fold that the calipers will “creep” a little, after a few seconds the “creep” will slow down and this is the time that the measurement should be taken. You must note the reading on the scale before releasing any pressure off the calipers. Also, if a customer wants to do several WellaFreeze Fat Freeze treatments in a single day, we will always limit the number of session to three hours a day. Why is this the case? Now, when several body parts are treated, it results in a high percentage of frozen dead fat cells, which affects the overall body acidity. This phenomenon, is known as metabolic acidosis. Metabolic acidosis is a condition that occurs when the body produces excessive quantities of acid or when the kidneys are not removing enough acid from the body, and may lead to light-headedness, muscle twitching, prolonged muscle spasms and other complications. Once again, the safety of our customers always comes first!

Remove up to 28% of Visible Fat with WellaFreeze Fat Freeze

With these possible complications, is there a silver lining? Fortunately, there is! WellaFreeze Fat Freeze uses the Coolsculping or Cryolipolysis procedure which has shown to be effective in removing between 14 to 28% of visceral fat 30 to 60 days after each treatment. This makes this treatment the safest non-invasive treatment to liposuction, which is more expensive and also carries higher risk.


What is WellaFreeze™? 

Wellaholic’s WellaFreeze™ or Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis helps target the stubborn fat areas of your body that do not react well to exercise and dieting. Similar to the CoolSculpting technology approved by FDA in 2011, the fat cells are “dissolved” by non-surgical means using controlled cooling at sub-zero temperatures. This body contouring helps customers in Singapore who have unwanted fat in targeted areas, and is an effective fat loss and weight loss procedure. 

How is the Fat Freezing Treatment Like?

The Fat Freezing treatment will initially create a suction effect to pull the treated area into a probe or applicator. The treated area will be warmed, and then be gradually frozen to an ideal sub-zero temperature. During this fat freeze procedure, the treated area will become numb within a few minutes. The entire treatment will take between 45 to 70 minutes

To find out more about WellaFreeze, or live chat us or arrange a consultation at any of our outlets. ​

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