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Lipocavitation: A Revolutionary Treatment for Fat Removal

TL:DR Summary

  • Lipocavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells. The treated area is then flushed away through the body’s natural elimination process. Lipocavitation can be used to treat areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise, such as the abdomen, thighs, and arms.
  • Lipocavitation involves placing laser pads on the treatment area for 20 minutes per session. A course of 8 treatments is recommended over a 4-week period. The treatment is painless and requires no downtime.
  • Lipocavitation works by creating bubbles in fluid that collapse and create a vacuum that sucks in and destroys fat cells. The fat cells are then eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. Lipocavitation is safe and effective, and there is no downtime required after treatment.
  • Lipocavitation has many benefits, such as improving the appearance of the body, reducing cellulite, tightening the skin, and enhancing blood circulation. Lipocavitation is a revolutionary treatment for fat removal that is ideal for those who are looking to improve their appearance without undergoing surgery.

Introduction: what is lipocavitation?

Lipocavitation is a new, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat with Lipocavitation

At Wellaholic, we have the perfect solution for those stubborn fat deposits that just won’t budge. Introducing Lipocavitation, a cutting-edge fat reduction treatment that will leave you amazed. Let’s dive into the details:

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction with Ultrasonic Power

Lipocavitation is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that targets unwanted fat cells using the power of ultrasound waves. We know, it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but trust us, it works like magic. The ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the treated area, breaking down those pesky fat cells into tiny particles.

Flush Away Fat, Hello Beautiful Body

Once the fat cells are broken down, your body does the rest of the work. Through its natural elimination process, those unwanted fat particles are flushed away. It’s like saying “Goodbye!” to fat and “Hello!” to a more sculpted and toned body.

Safe, Effective, and Zero Downtime

Unlike invasive procedures like traditional liposuction, Lipocavitation is a safe and effective alternative that requires no downtime. You can literally come in for a session during your lunch break and continue with your day as usual. It’s that convenient!

Thighs Troubles? Thigh Liposuction No More!

We know many Singaporean women struggle with fat accumulation in their thighs. Blame it on biology—women tend to store fat in the thigh and hip areas. But fret not! Thigh liposuction is no longer the only option. With Lipocavitation, you can bid farewell to thigh troubles and embrace a more confident you.

What does the lipocavitation treatment involve?

Effortless Fat Reduction with Laser Therapy

At Wellaholic, we’ve got the perfect solution to make fat reduction feel like a breeze. Let’s break it down into the details:

Relax and Let the Magic Happen

During your therapy session, all you need to do is lie back and get comfortable on our massage table. We’ll take care of the rest. Our skilled therapist will strategically place laser pads on the treatment areas, and you can just kick back and relax.

Laser lipo is a relatively new technology used in the medical field to remove excess fat

20 Minutes of Pure Bliss

Each treatment area will receive 20 minutes of laser therapy. It’s like a mini vacation for your fat cells! Trust us, they won’t know what hit them. Our powerful lasers work their magic, targeting those stubborn fat pockets.

8 Treatments for Maximum Results

To achieve optimal results, we recommend a course of 8 treatments. Spread over a 4-week period, these sessions will help you bid farewell to those unwanted fat cells. It’s like giving them an eviction notice they can’t ignore!

Feel the Warmth of Fat Release

As the laser gets to work, you may experience a gentle warming sensation. Don’t worry, it’s just a sign that the fat is making its grand exit. Imagine those fat cells saying, “Farewell, we won’t be missed!”

Back to Your Regular Routine

Once your laser therapy session is complete, you’re good to go. No downtime, no disruptions to your daily activities. It’s as easy as that. You can return to your regular routine feeling fabulous and on your way to a more sculpted you.

How does lipocavitation work?

Ultrasonic cavitation uses sound waves to create bubbles in fluid. When the bubbles collapse, they create a tiny vacuum that sucks in and destroys fat cells

Understanding Lipocavitation: A Noninvasive Fat Reduction Procedure

Lipocavitation, also known as ultrasonic cavitation, is an innovative treatment for fat reduction. Let’s dive into the details:

Harnessing the Power of Sound Waves

During a lipocavitation treatment, sound waves are used to create bubbles within the fluid present in your body. These bubbles, when they collapse, generate a tiny vacuum effect that targets and destroys fat cells. It’s like a gentle implosion within your body, bidding farewell to those stubborn fat pockets.

Noninvasive and No Downtime

One of the fantastic aspects of lipocavitation is that it’s a noninvasive procedure. No need to go under the knife or endure lengthy recovery periods. Lipocavitation allows you to achieve your fat reduction goals without any surgical intervention. Plus, there’s no downtime required afterward, so you can get right back to your daily routine.

Elimination Through the Lymphatic System

After the fat cells are broken down, they are efficiently eliminated from your body through the lymphatic system. This natural detoxification process ensures that the destroyed fat cells are flushed away, leaving you with a more sculpted appearance. Say goodbye to those unwanted fat cells and hello to a slimmer you.

What are the benefits of lipocavitation?

Lipocavitation is an exciting advancement in the field of fat removal. Let’s explore its key features:

Lipocavitation is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to address specific areas of fat accumulation. Whether it's the abdomen, thighs, arms, or other troublesome spots, lipocavitation can help target those stubborn fat pockets.

Ultrasound Technology: Breaking Down Fat Cells

In lipocavitation, ultrasound technology is utilized to effectively break down fat cells in targeted areas. The ultrasound waves create vibrations that disrupt the fat cells, making them more susceptible to elimination. This process helps contour and sculpt the body by reducing unwanted fat deposits.

Natural Flushing Process: Eliminating Fat Through Metabolism

After the fat cells are broken down, they are naturally eliminated from the body through its metabolic process. The body’s metabolic system efficiently flushes out the treated fat, ensuring a gradual and natural reduction in the targeted areas. This allows for a more harmonious transformation of your body shape.

Targeted Fat Reduction: Ideal for Specific Areas

Lipocavitation is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to address specific areas of fat accumulation. Whether it’s the abdomen, thighs, arms, or other troublesome spots, lipocavitation can help target those stubborn fat pockets. This precision allows for a more personalized approach to body contouring, focusing on the areas that matter most to you.

Are there any risks associated with lipocavitation?

Lipocavitation is a popular non-invasive fat removal treatment that has its advantages, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks involved. At Wellaholic, we prioritize your safety and want to provide you with all the information you need. Here are some key considerations:

At Wellaholic, we take every precaution to ensure your safety and minimize any potential risks. Our skilled therapists are trained in performing lipocavitation with precision and care. During your consultation, we will assess your individual circumstances, discuss any concerns you may have, and provide personalized recommendations.

1. Mild Discomfort or Sensation During the lipocavitation treatment, you may experience mild discomfort or a tingling sensation. This is a normal response to the ultrasound waves targeting the fat cells. Rest assured, our skilled therapists will ensure your comfort throughout the session.

2. Temporary Redness or Swelling Some individuals may notice temporary redness or swelling in the treated area following the procedure. This is a common side effect and typically subsides within a few hours. Applying a cold compress or using an over-the-counter topical cream can help alleviate any discomfort.

3. Rare Complications While rare, there is a slight risk of complications associated with lipocavitation. These can include skin burns, blisters, or changes in skin pigmentation. However, it’s important to note that such complications are extremely uncommon and can be minimized by seeking treatment from experienced professionals.

At Wellaholic, we take every precaution to ensure your safety and minimize any potential risks. Our skilled therapists are trained in performing lipocavitation with precision and care. During your consultation, we will assess your individual circumstances, discuss any concerns you may have, and provide personalized recommendations.


In conclusion, lipocavitation is truly a revolutionary treatment for fat removal. With its non-invasive nature, ultrasound technology, and ability to target specific areas of fat, it has become a popular choice for individuals looking to sculpt their bodies and achieve their desired aesthetic goals. The procedure is safe, effective, and convenient, offering quick treatments with no downtime. At Wellaholic, we are dedicated to providing top-quality Laser Lipo 360 Slimming Treatment , ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a more confident you with the transformative power of lipocavitation. Book a consultation with us today and embark on your journey towards a slimmer and more sculpted physique.

What is Laser Lipo 360 Slimming Treatment?

  • Low Waver Laser Energy. Laser Lipo 360 uses laser energy to shrink fat cells without destroying them.
  • Suitable for All Body Parts. Laser Lipo 360 is suitable for all body parts, and can effectively complement other slimming treatments.
  • Safe and No Side Effects. Laser Lipo 360 is generally safe and has no side effects on the body.
  • Non-invasive. Laser Lipo 360 is a non-surgical treatment that does not require incisions or anesthesia.
  • Effective. While results may vary, many people report noticeable improvements in the appearance of their treated areas after Laser Lipo 360 sessions.
  • Effectively Complements Other Treatments. Laser Lipo 360 can easily treat the gaps left by other slimming treatments
  • 360-degree Approach. Unlike traditional liposuction, which only targets specific areas, Laser Lipo 360 provides a comprehensive treatment that addresses the entire body, resulting in a more uniform and natural-looking slimming effect

The Laser Lipo 360 procedure is painless and relatively quick; it only takes about 30 minutes per area to be treated. What’s more, there is no downtime afterwards; once it’s done you can get right back to your daily routine as if nothing happened!

Science behind laser lipo

Laser Lipo 360 is suitable for all body parts, and can effectively complement other slimming treatments. Laser Lipo 360 can easily treat the gaps left by other slimming treatments. There is no pain and no downtime for Laser Lipo 360.

How is the Laser Lipo 360 Treatment Like?

  • Includes 8 Probes. Each Laser Lipo 360 session comes with the use of 8 probes.
  • Target Different Body Parts. You can use all 8 probes concurrently to target different body parts.
  • Up to 20 Minutes. During the treatment, your friendly therapist will place the laser pads for up to 20 minutes on each treatment area.
  • Warm Sensation. You may feel a gentle warming sensation as the laser works to release the fat.
  • Effective in Targeting Gaps. This is useful in targeting surrounding areas which might not be targeted by other treatments (E.g. Fat Freeze might target upper and lower tummy, but you can use Laser Lipo 360 to target the gap between the upper and lower tummy, as well as the surrounding areas.)
  • Safe & No Downtime. There is no risk, no downtime and no surgery.

Pricing of Slimming Treatments by Wellaholic

  • Price Transparency. Wellaholic offers pricing transparency by publishing and updating all prices on our website.
  • Flexible Per-Session or Unlimited Plans. Customers can choose from unlimited monthly or per-session slimming price plans.
  • Mix and Match Easily. Wellaholic’s slimming prices are divided into different categories for easy selection.
  • No Price Shocks. Customers can expect to pay only for the treatments provided instead of being surprised by additional fees or charges at the end of their slimming session.
Wellaholic Slimming Services Comparison

Please click on the menu below to see the pricing for the various slimming treatments by Wellaholic. Prices are nett and inclusive of GST.

Why Wellaholic is One of the Best Slimming Treatment Providers in Singapore?

  • Leading Slimming Chain in Singapore. Wellaholic is a leading slimming and body contouring chain in Singapore that is highly sought after by customers.
  • Quality & Safe Treatments. The company is committed to providing quality and safe treatments with experienced staff.
  • Wide Range of Slimming Treatments. Wellaholic offers a wide range of slimming treatments for various body parts including chin, upper arms, front armpit fat, bra line, gynecomastia, back, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles, underbutt, thighs and knees.
  • Trained & Experienced Consultants. All treatments are performed by trained professionals who understand the skincare needs of both female and male customers.
  • Advanced Slimming Technology. Advanced slimming technologies such as ultrasound, Cryolipolysis, radio frequency and cold wave lasers are used to ensure a safe experience with no downtime or discomfort during the entire process.
  • Most Affordable Provider. Wellaholic provides competitive pricing for its treatments which makes it one of the most affordable providers in Singapore.
Body Sculpting Treatments to Try

Reason 1: Wellaholic Offers Comprehensive Slimming Services and Expertise at Affordable Prices

Wellaholic offers different types of slimming treatments for your fat management needs. Our slimming packages can be broken down into the following categories:

  • WellaShape Double Slimming Plan
    • Double slimming plan combining 2 slimming technologies at a discounted price.
    • Freeze fat via WellaFreeze™ 360 advanced fat freezing.
    • Then choose 1 other slimming treatment.
    • Most cost-effective slimming combo plan.
  • WellaFreeze 360 Advance Fat Freeze
    • Latest fat freeze technology with improved freezing and coverage area.
    • Efficient freeze reduces treatment time to just 30 minutes per session.
    • Each session can remove up to 34% subcutaneous fat.
    • Each session includes 2 handles/probes to target 2 body parts concurrently.
    • Interchangeable probes to effectively target different body areas & curves.
    • “Breathing” technology regulates vacuum suction to minimise bruising.
  • WellaFreeze Fat Freezing
    • Original fat freeze technology, also known as CoolSculpting.
    • Uses sub-zero temperature to freeze and eliminate fat cells.
    • Each session can reduce up to 28% subcutaneous fat.
    • Each session takes about 45 minutes to 60 minutes per session.
  • WellaSculpt RF Body Sculpting
    • Advanced RF energy to heat and tighten loose skin.
    • Ideal for body sculpting and body sculpting.
    • Works well when used in conjunction with fat freezing.
    • Each session includes 2 body parts and takes 30 minutes.
  • Ultrasonic Cavi 360
    • Ultrasound fat cavitation to vibrate and burst the fat deposits.
    • Ideal for targeting fats that is less “pinchable” and deeper in the body.
    • Can lead to reduction of body mass (1cm to 3cm) in as little as 3 treatments.
    • Each session includes 2 body parts and takes 30 minutes.
  • Laser Lipo 360
    • Cold wave lasers to eliminate fat with no downtime.
    • Fat cells absorb laser energy, causing fat to escape from fat cell membrane.
    • Each session comes with 8 laser plates for various body parts.
    • Each session takes 25 minutes.
    • Compliments other slimming treatments.

You can refer to the table below for a breakdown of Wellaholic’s various slimming services and how they can meet your slimming objectives. Our customers generally combine several treatments for the best slimming and body contouring outcome.

Slimming TreatmentFeaturesIdeal For Customers Who
WellaShape Double SlimmingWellaFreeze 360 + 1 Other Slimming Treatment– Want quick results
– Want to combine 2 treatments at discount
WellaFreeze 360 Advance Fat FreezeLatest fat freeze technology with 360 handle coverage– Want up to 34% fat loss
– Want less bruising
WellaFreeze Fat FreezeOriginal fat freeze technology with 2 freeze plates– Want to try fat freezing for first time
WellaSculpt RF Body SculptingAdvanced RF energy to tighten loose skin– Want to get rid of loose skin
– Want to tone the body
Ultrasonic Cavi 360Ultrasound fat cavitation to vibrate and burst the fat deposits– Want to target fat that is less “pinchable”
Laser Lipo 360Cold wave lasers to eliminate fat with no downtime– Want to shrink fat cells in conjunction with other treatments
Stretch Mark MicroneedlingRemove appearance of stretch marks using multiple micro-needles– Want to remove the appearance of stretch marks (fat loss / pregnancy)
Comparison Between Wellaholic’s Various Slimming Services
Wellaholic Awards over the Years

Reason 2: Wellaholic Has Over 50 Awards and 2000 Genuine Customer Reviews

  • Over 50 Awards. Wellaholic’s WellaFreeze 360 and Ultrasonic Cavi 360 have been recognized by top beauty publications such as Daily Vanity, Beauty Insider, and Tropika Club Magazine, earning prestigious awards from 2018 to 2023.
  • Over 2000 Verified Customer Reviews. Wellaholic has over 2000 verified positive reviews from our customers in Singapore and beyond.
  • Verifiable Reviews. The reviews are verified and positive, which indicates the high level of customer satisfaction (see reviews below).
  • Over 50% Repeat Customers. More than 50% of Wellaholic’s customers are repeat and recurring customers.
Why it is easy to book an appointment at Wellaholic

Reason 3: It’s Easy to Book an Appointment at Wellaholic

  • Open 361 Days Per Year. Wellaholic’s 8 outlets are open 361 days a year, including public holidays, so that customers can easily book an appointment.
  • No Queues. All appointments are booked in advanced to prevent the need to queue and wait unnecessarily during peak hours.
  • Easy Online Booking. Customers can conveniently book and reschedule appointments online or via the booking app.
  • No Extra Cost for Choosing Consultant. Customers can select their preferred consultant without having to pay any additional fees.

Wellaholic is a premium aesthetic chain in Singapore that offers a wide range of top-quality services. We specialize in hair removal, facials, hair regrowth, teeth whitening, slimming treatments, and more. With eight outlets in Singapore, we are experts in aesthetics, offering advanced treatments like microneedling, permanent hair removal, fat freeze, and body sculpting, designed to deliver long-lasting results.

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