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TeethWhite is featued on MoneySmart

TeethWhite Teeth Whitening is Featured on MoneySmart

TL:DR Summary

  • Wellaholic Featured on MoneySmart Magazine: Wellaholic’s TeethWhite is featured on MoneySMart Magazine for affordable teeth whitening.
  • What is TeethWhite Teeth Whitening?: A safe and effective treatment that uses LED light and peroxide gel to whiten teeth.
  • Why choose TeethWhite Teeth Whitening?: It offers fast results, affordable prices, multiple outlets, and experienced staff.
  • How does TeethWhite Teeth Whitening work?: It involves three steps: consultation, application, and activation.
  • What are the benefits of TeethWhite Teeth Whitening?: It can improve your smile, confidence, oral hygiene, and overall health.


Teeth whitening isn't just about improving the physical appearance of your teeth, it can also have social benefits that can boost your overall confidence and well-being.

TeethWhite™ by Wellaholic: Featured on Moneysmart

Wellaholic is thrilled to announce that our TeethWhite™ teeth whitening treatment has been featured in an article by Moneysmart, entitled “Teeth Whitening Singapore Price Guide – Home Kits vs Salons vs Dentists.” The article provides a comprehensive comparison of various teeth whitening solutions, discussing their benefits and drawbacks.

An Affordable Yet High-Rated Solution

The article compares teeth whitening home kits, salon treatments, and dentist procedures. Wellaholic’s TeethWhite™ treatment, performed at beauty salons, earned the top spot for being the most affordable option. However, that’s not all.

Garnering Customer Approval on Google Reviews

In addition to being cost-effective, Wellaholic’s TeethWhite™ treatment was highly-rated by customers on Google Reviews. This distinction reaffirms our commitment to providing quality and value to our customers, delivering treatments that are both affordable and effective.

This is what Moneysmart had to say about Wellaholic:

“The price varies depending on the salon, but they are usually around $200. The cheapest one I could find is from Wellaholic at $99. Not only do they have a very attractive price package, they also seem to have glowing reviews on Google.

You also have 8 outlets that you can chose from to have your teeth whitening sessions and if all the claims they make online are accurate, it also means no hidden costs! It’s worth the try, if you ask us.”

TeethWhite™ Teeth Whitening – Get Up to 12 Shades Whiter

Get ready to flash your pearly whites with TeethWhite™, the ultimate laser teeth whitening treatment in Singapore. Whether your teeth are coffee-stained or just not as bright as you’d like, TeethWhite™ can brighten your smile by up to 12 shades with immediate, long-lasting results. Even those with sensitive teeth can safely enjoy this treatment. With Carbamide Peroxide as the primary ingredient in our whitening gel, our strong LED light technology activates the gel to create hydrogen peroxide, which thoroughly whitens your teeth for a dazzling smile that will light up any room.

What is TeethWhite™ Teeth Whitening Treatment?

TeethWhite Teeth Whitening
  • Immediate Results. TeethWhite™ brightens your smile up to 12 shades in a single session, offering an instant boost to your confidence.
  • Industrial-Grade Whitening. TeethWhite™ teeth whitening employs industrial-grade lamps for optimal whitening results. 
  • Effective Ingredients: Our teeth whitening gel features Carbamide Peroxide, a proven and potent whitening agent.
  • Advanced technology: TeethWhite™ uses strong LED light technology to activate the whitening gel and ensure thorough and consistent results.
  • Affordable pricing: Wellaholic provides TeethWhite™ treatments at competitive prices, making advanced tooth whitening accessible to many.

There is absolutely no discomfort during the TeethWhite™ treatment. We have an improved teeth whitening process that eliminates the need to create a custom teeth mold. We use a proprietary process to ensure that the whitening agent binds to your teeth, to increase the rate of whitening to the teeth, while ensuring both safety and comfort.

Is TeethWhite™ Backed By Science?

  • Backed by Science. Yes, TeethWhite™ is backed by science.
  • Carbamide Peroxide. Carbamide Peroxide, the primary ingredient in whitening gel, is clinically proven for effective teeth whitening.
  • 6000W Industrial Lamp. 6000W industrial lamp catalyzes whitening agent, making treatment more effective than home kits.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide. Gel molecules transform into active hydrogen peroxide when exposed to teeth and strong LED light, a proven teeth whitening method.
  • Safe for Sensitive Teeth. The treatment is safe and suitable for sensitive teeth, and has been tested and approved by dental professionals.

See Over 2000 Positive Reviews of Wellaholic (Customer Verifiable)

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy aesthetic chain, Wellaholic might just be the perfect fit for you. With over 2000 genuine customer reviews and testimonials, you can see for yourself why our hair removal services have won numerous awards.

Pricing of Teeth Whitening Treatments by Wellaholic

  • 💎 Price Transparency. Wellaholic offers pricing transparency by publishing and updating all prices on our website.
  • 💎 Flexible Per-Session or Unlimited Plans. Opt for unlimited monthly plans with weekly visits or per-session pricing for optimal teeth whitening outcomes.
  • 💎 No Price Shocks. Pay only for treatments, no surprise fees or charges after teeth whitening sessions.


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We provide our award-winning TeethWhite Teeth Whitening treatment to help customers get that perfect bright smile they've always wanted

Why Wellaholic is One of the Best Teeth Whitening Providers in Singapore?

  • Leading Teeth Whitening Chain in Singapore. Wellaholic is a top-rated teeth whitening provider in Singapore, highly popular among customers.
  • Quality & Safe Treatments. Wellaholic is committed to providing quality and safe treatments with experienced staff.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments. Wellaholic offers industrial and clinical teeth whitening treatments that can effectively whiten teeth.
  • Trained & Experienced Consultants. All treatments are administered by trained professionals adept in the dental needs of both men and women.
  • Advanced Teeth Whitening Technology. Our 6000W industrial lamp catalyzes the whitening agent, enhancing treatment effectiveness beyond typical teeth whitening kits. 

Here’s a useful table showing the benefits and advantages of Wellaholic’s TeethWhite™ teeth whitening treatment:

Effective resultsTeethWhite™ uses a combination of LED blue and red light with a 6000W industrial lamp to activate the whitening gel, accelerating the process and surpassing the effectiveness of typical teeth whitening kits.
Safe and gentleTeethWhite™ offers a safe, gentle, and non-invasive teeth whitening solution that ensures no harm to teeth or gums. The LED lights and whitening gel cause no heat or discomfort.
Quick and convenientTeethWhite™ provides a swift, convenient whitening treatment that delivers results in just a single 20-minute session, perfect for those with busy schedules or desiring immediate outcomes.
AffordableTeethWhite™ offers cost-effective teeth whitening, a fantastic alternative to pricier professional methods or at-home whitening kits.
Personalized treatmentThe TeethWhite™ treatment is personalized to each individual’s needs and preferences. The amount of whitening gel and length of the treatment can be adjusted to achieve the desired results.
The benefits and advantages of Wellaholic’s TeethWhite™ teeth whitening treatment
With years of experience and an excellent track record, Wellaholic has become the go-to destination for those seeking high-quality teeth whitening services

Reason 1: Wellaholic’s Unlimited Plans Save You Lots of Money

  • Unlimited Teeth Whitening Plans. Wellaholic offers unlimited plans for teeth whitening which gives 4 weekly treatments at one affordable pricing.
  • Transparent Pricing. Wellaholic offers pricing transparency by publishing and updating all prices on our website.
  • Huge Cost Savings. Wellaholic’s teeth whitening plans are designed to be cost-effective and affordable with no hidden costs and extra charges.
Wellaholic Awards over the Years

Reason 2: Wellaholic Has Over 50 Awards and 2000 Genuine Customer Reviews

  • Over 50 Awards. Wellaholic’s WellaSmooth and SHR Hair Removal, recognized by top beauty outlets like Daily Vanity, Beauty Insider, and Tropika Club Magazine, have garnered prestigious awards from 2018 to 2023.
  • Over 2000 Verified Customer Reviews. Wellaholic boasts over 2000 verified positive reviews from customers in Singapore and globally.
  • Verifiable Reviews. The reviews are verified and positive, which indicates the high level of customer satisfaction (see reviews below).
  • Over 50% Repeat Customers. More than 50% of Wellaholic’s customers are repeat and recurring customers.
Why it is easy to book an appointment at Wellaholic

Reason 3: It’s Easy to Book an Appointment at Wellaholic

  • Open 361 Days Per Year. Wellaholic’s 8 outlets are open 361 days a year, including public holidays, so that customers can easily book an appointment.
  • No Queues. All appointments are booked in advanced to prevent the need to queue and wait unnecessarily during peak hours.
  • Easy Online Booking. Customers can conveniently book and reschedule appointments online or via the booking app.
  • No Extra Cost for Choosing Consultant. Customers can select their preferred consultant without having to pay any additional fees.

Wellaholic is Singapore's premier aesthetic chain offering high-quality services like hair removal, facials, hair regrowth, teeth whitening, and slimming treatments. With eight locations, we're specialists in advanced aesthetics, providing lasting results through treatments like microneedling, permanent hair removal, fat freeze, and body sculpting.

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