Hey there! If you're looking for information on Boyzilian Waxing in Singapore, you've come to the right place. In this article, we're going to uncover the 7 untold secrets of Boyzilian Waxing in Singapore. And trust us when we say that #5 will shock you!

Uncover the 7 Untold Secrets of Boyzilian Waxing – #5 Will Shock You!

TL:DR Summary

  • Trim Before Waxing: Ideal hair length ensures effective, less painful waxing.
  • Exfoliate Pre-Waxing: Removes dead skin, prevents ingrown hairs, enhances results.
  • Clean and Dry Skin: Essential for hygiene and effective wax adherence.
  • Test Wax Temperature: Avoid burns, ensure comfortable waxing experience.
  • Avoid Retinoids: Stop use before and after waxing to reduce sensitivity.
  • Post-Wax Soothing: Apply soothing lotions, avoid irritants for skin care.
The table concisely outlines the Boyzilian SHR Hair Removal package by Wellaholic, detailing its service name, target area, the technology used, package coverage, and the provision of unlimited shots for comprehensive treatment.
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Introduction: Uncover the 7 Untold Secrets of Boyzilian Waxing in Singapore

s the Founder and Managing Director of Wellaholic in Singapore, I have seen firsthand the growing interest in Boyzilian waxing among men. In my years in the aesthetics industry, this trend has not only grown but evolved, with more men seeking out this grooming method. Today, I want to share some lesser-known facts about Boyzilian waxing that might surprise you.

In this piece, I will unveil seven secrets about Boyzilian waxing in Singapore.

These are insights gained from my experience, customer feedback, and industry knowledge. They range from the unexpected benefits of waxing to some eye-opening facts about its popularity. And trust me, secret number five is particularly shocking and may change how you view this treatment.

So, if you’re curious about Boyzilian waxing and want to learn more, keep reading.

Now, you might be wondering what Boyzilian Waxing is. Well, it's a process of hair removal that involves the waxing of hair from the pubic region of men. It's similar to a Brazilian wax for women, but with a slightly different technique. If you're thinking about getting a Boyzilian wax, it's important to know what to expect. There are certain things that you need to be aware of before, during, and after the procedure to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable experience. In this article, we're going to cover everything from the benefits of Boyzilian Waxing to the potential risks and side effects. We'll also give you some tips on how to prepare for your appointment and what to do afterward to take care of your skin.

What is Boyzilian Waxing?

Boyzilian Waxing is a hair removal method for men. It focuses on the pubic area. It removes hair from the front, back, sides, buttocks, and perineum. This technique differs from what women undergo in a Brazilian wax. It’s a detailed process, needing skill and care.

There are good reasons to get a Boyzilian Wax. It helps with hygiene by lessening sweat and odor. It can also boost sexual sensitivity. Many men feel more confident after this wax. It creates a smooth look. Plus, it stops ingrown hairs and razor bumps that shaving can cause.

If you're looking for information on Boyzilian Waxing in Singapore, you've come to the right place. In this article, we're going to uncover the 7 untold secrets of Boyzilian Waxing in Singapore

What are the Risks and Side Effects to Boyzilian Waxing?

Boyzilian waxing has its benefits but also comes with risks. The waxing process can be quite painful, especially for first-timers. After waxing, you might see redness, sensitivity, or swelling. These usually go away in a few days.

Yet, more serious issues can happen. These include ingrown hairs, infections, and skin irritation. These are more likely if you don’t follow aftercare well. I always tell clients to go to skilled and reputable practitioners. They should also give good aftercare advice.

The ideal hair length for waxing is about a quarter of an inch. This allows the wax to grip the hair effectively without causing unnecessary discomfort.

How To Prepare for Your First Boyzilian Waxing?

Preparing for your first Boyzilian waxing is key to a smooth experience. Let your hair grow to about a quarter of an inch. This length is ideal for the wax to grip the hair well. It helps avoid extra pain. Before your appointment, gently exfoliate the area. This step helps prevent ingrown hairs.

On the day of your waxing, wear loose clothes. Tight clothing can irritate your skin after waxing. Drink plenty of water and skip the coffee. Hydrated skin is easier to wax, and caffeine can make you more sensitive. Talk to your aesthetician if you have concerns. We are here to help you feel at ease.

Here is the pie chart representing the attitudes towards embarrassment in laser hair removal among men, based on the survey data by The Private Clinic (UK)
Attitudes towards laser hair removal among men

Hair Removal for Males: A Survey by Wellaholic

Based on a 2023 survey by Wellaholic to Singaporean males, here are some interesting facts:

  • 🟢 Unwanted Hair. 73.7% of Singaporean men have unwanted hair on their body, and 84.3% of them are bothered by it.
  • 🟢 Common Areas for Hair Removal. The most common areas for hair removal among Singaporean men are the back (43%), chest (37%), underarms (53%), and pubic region (33%).
  • 🟢 Average Cost. The average cost of laser hair removal for men in Singapore ranges from $20 to $750 per session, depending on the area and the type of laser used.
  • 🟢 % Hair Reduction. Laser hair removal is the most effective and permanent method of hair removal, as it can reduce hair growth by up to 90% after six to eight sessions.
  • 🟢 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal. Laser hair removal has many benefits for men, such as improved hygiene, comfort, confidence, appearance, and sexual performance.

Secret #1: Trim your hair before waxing

If you’re looking for a smooth and hair-free bikini area, you might be considering a Brazilian wax. But before you book your appointment, there’s one thing you should do to make the process easier and more effective: trim your hair. Here’s why trimming your hair before waxing is a secret to getting the best results.

The Ideal Length for Waxing and How to Achieve It

In my experience, the ideal hair length for waxing is about a quarter inch. This length allows the wax to grip the hair properly. If your hair is shorter, the wax might not catch it. If it’s longer, waxing can be more painful. You can trim your hair if it’s too long. This will make your waxing session smoother.

The Science Behind Waxing

The science of waxing is simple. We apply wax to the hair and pull it out from the root. This works best when the hair is the right length. If the hair is too long, it can break during waxing. This can cause pain and lead to ingrown hairs. For the best results, keep your hair at the right length for waxing.

The Ideal Hair Length for Waxing

For waxing, hair should be about a quarter-inch long, like a grain of rice. This length lets the wax grip well and remove hair without hurting your skin. If it’s longer, trim it before your appointment. You can use scissors, a razor, or an electric trimmer. Just be safe and don’t cut it too short.

Trimming hair before waxing helps prevent skin tugging and pain. It also makes the waxing quicker and smoother. The technician won’t need to wax the same spot over and over. This means less discomfort and a faster session for you.

To get the best results from waxing, you need to let the hair grow out to a certain length before the next appointment.
Exfoliate several days before microneedling. Exfoliating several times in the weeks leading up to skin needling will improve your results by shedding the dead skin from the surface.

Secret #2: Exfoliate your skin before waxing

Waxing is an effective way to remove unwanted hair for smooth skin that lasts weeks. To maximize your waxing session, there’s a key step: exfoliate before waxing. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that can block pores and trap hair follicles. Here’s why you should exfoliate before waxing:

Kiss Ingrown Hairs and Bumps Goodbye

Exfoliating before waxing is a game-changer. It softens your hair, making it easier for wax to grip and remove from the root. This step also reduces wax sticking to your skin, which can cause irritation. As an Aesthetic Director, I’ve seen firsthand how proper exfoliation makes waxing less painful and more efficient.

Regular exfoliation is key to preventing ingrown hairs and bumps. It clears dead skin that can block follicles, causing hair to grow inward. This practice is especially crucial for sensitive areas. It not only aids in hair removal but also improves skin texture, making it look more radiant and youthful.

Boyzilian waxing can be an ideal choice for gymnasts because it can provide a smooth and hair-free area, which can help reduce friction and chafing during training and competition.

Secret #3: Cleanse and dry your skin before waxing

Before your waxing session, make sure your skin is clean and dry. This is key. It stops bacteria and dirt from getting trapped in the wax. This can cause irritation or even infection. Here’s what to do:

Shower or bathe with a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser. Don’t use harsh soaps or scrubs. They remove natural oils from your skin. After washing, pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Don’t apply lotions, oils, or deodorants.

If you’re getting a Boyzilian wax, wear loose clothes to your appointment. Loose clothing prevents irritation on your freshly waxed skin. Choose something comfortable like loose shorts or sweatpants.

These simple steps make your waxing experience comfortable and effective. So, remember to cleanse and dry your skin, and dress right for your next waxing session.

Michael Phelps: The Olympic swimmer is known for his hairless body, which he maintains through regular waxing.

Secret #4: Test the wax temperature before applying

As an Aesthetic Director, I’ve learned that waxing can be safe and effective. But it’s crucial to check the wax temperature first. Hot wax can burn your skin. Here’s a simple tip: use a wax warmer. It keeps the wax at a safe, steady temperature. You can adjust it for different waxes. Don’t use microwaves or stoves. They can make the wax too hot.

Another good idea is to have a thermometer. It lets you know the exact temperature of your wax. You can use an infrared one or a regular one. Just mix the wax well before checking. This way, you avoid hot spots.

If you're using a retinoid cream, it's recommended that you stop using it at least 5 days before your waxing appointment.

Secret #5: Avoid retinoid creams before and after waxing

Secret #5: Avoid retinoid creams before and after waxing. These creams, often used for skin issues like acne, have Vitamin A. They are great for your skin. But, they also make your skin sensitive. This can lead to irritation.

Stop using these creams at least 5 days before waxing. This helps your skin get ready and lowers the chance of irritation. Also, don’t use them for 48 hours after waxing. This gives your skin time to heal. It helps prevent more irritation and redness. Remember, taking care of your skin is key to a good waxing experience.

To soothe your skin after waxing, you can also apply a cold compress to the affected area to help reduce inflammation and redness

Secret #6: Soothe your skin after waxing

After a waxing session, your skin might feel a bit sensitive. It’s crucial to care for it properly. Here’s how you can soothe your skin: First, avoid hot showers and tight clothes. They can irritate your skin. Instead, wear something loose and comfy. Also, choose skincare products that are gentle and free of fragrance.

Here are some easy tips for a more comfortable post-waxing experience:

Remember, taking care of your skin after waxing is key. With these tips, your skin will stay smooth and happy!

If you're a guy looking to get that smooth, hair-free feel down there, you might want to check out the Boyzilian SHR Hair Removal offer in Singapore for just $149—with unlimited shots, no less!

Secret #7: Consider alternatives like laser hair removal

In my years in aesthetics, I have seen many clients switch from waxing to laser hair removal. Waxing pulls hair from the root. This can hurt and cause redness or bumps. It also needs regular sessions. Laser hair removal uses light to target hair roots. This stops hair from growing back. It’s more lasting and treats big areas fast. It works for all skin and hair types, with good contrast between them.

Laser hair removal may seem costly at first. But it’s cheaper than waxing in the long run. Waxing needs many sessions, which adds up. Laser hair removal needs fewer sessions for lasting results. This saves both money and time.

Many find waxing painful, especially in tender spots. It can cause skin issues that take time to heal. Laser hair removal is gentler and safer. The laser’s feel is more bearable. It’s like a quick warm snap. This makes it a comfortable choice.


In conclusion, Boyzilian waxing is not just a trend. It’s a personal choice that speaks volumes about self-care and hygiene. The secrets I’ve shared are based on my professional experience and customer feedback. They highlight the importance of technique, regularity, and aftercare in this grooming practice. If you’re considering it, know that you’re making a choice that many find beneficial for their confidence and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is hair removal for males?

Hair removal for males refers to the process of removing unwanted hair from the body or face of men. It can include various techniques such as laser treatment, shaving, waxing, or using hair removal creams.

Why should men consider hair removal?

There are several reasons why men may consider hair removal. Some common reasons include personal preference, hygiene, athletic performance, professional reasons, or to address specific skin concerns such as ingrown hairs.

What are the benefits of professional hair removal services?

Professional hair removal services, such as those offered by Wellaholic, provide a range of benefits. These include more precise and long-lasting results, reduced risk of skin irritation or injury, expert guidance for specific hair and skin types, and access to advanced technologies for optimal outcomes.

Which is the best hair removal technique for men?

The best hair removal technique for men varies depending on individual preferences and specific requirements. Some popular techniques include laser hair removal, waxing, and shaving. It is recommended to consult with a professional at Wellaholic to determine the most suitable method for your needs.

Is hair removal for men permanent?

Hair removal for men can offer significant hair reduction, but it is generally not considered to be permanent. Techniques like laser hair removal offer long-term results, but periodic maintenance sessions may be required to target any regrowth.

How sensitive is the skin after hair removal?

The level of sensitivity after hair removal can vary depending on the technique used and individual skin type. It is common to experience mild redness, irritation, or sensitivity immediately after the procedure, but these effects usually subside within a few hours.

What hair removal services does Wellaholic offer?

Wellaholic offers a comprehensive range of hair removal services for men, including laser hair removal, shaving and other aesthetic treatments. We provide a professional and personalized approach to cater to individual needs and preferences.

Are there any risks associated with hair removal for males?

While hair removal techniques have become increasingly safe and efficient, there are inherent risks associated with the process. These can include skin irritation, redness, ingrown hairs, or potential damage if the procedure is not performed correctly. It is important to choose a reputable and experienced provider like Wellaholic to minimize any potential risks.

Founder and Managing Director for Wellaholic, an aesthetic chain with 8 outlets island-wide in Singapore.

Willie Chan, Founder

Willie Chan is the Founder and Managing Director of Wellaholic, a popular aesthetic chain with 8 outlets in Singapore. With a strong belief in evidence-based, effective, and affordable aesthetic treatments, Willie ensures that customers receive the best care possible. His ENTJ Myer-Briggs personality drives him to set clear visions and pursue them without excuses. Willie holds a CIDESCO as well as Beauty Therapy & Salon Management from Brentwood College UK and has studied Operations Management at The Wharton School and Management at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, equipping him with a solid foundation in the business of aesthetics. 

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Boyzilian Waxing in Singapore: Unveiling the 7 Untold Secrets of this Revolutionary Manscaping Guide

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