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Why Fat Freeze Is Ideal for Men?

What is WellaFreeze Fat Freeze?

WellaFreeze™ Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis is an innovative slimming technology which uses a safe and controlled cooling technology which is popularly known as cryolipolysis. This non-invasive treatment freezes and destroys your fat cells, thereby helping to sculpt your body, delivering sustainable end results with minimal pain. 
The Cooler Way to Shape Your Body
The exposure of your fat cells to the sub-zero temperatures helps to eliminate the fat cells and begins a process of natural removal in the body. This gradually reduces the thickness of your fat layer. The fat cells are typically frozen and would be processed and eliminated by your body naturally within four weeks or more.  


Why is Fat Freezing Ideal for Men?

Fat Freeze is ideal for men. This is especially so for men that are experiencing a decreasing metabolic rate. A decrease in metabolic rate means that more fat gets accumulated at the belly (a.k.a. beer belly), as well as the stubborn love handles. Belly fat is a common term used to describe fat that forms beneath your abdominal skin and in the spaces around your abdominal organs. If enough fat accumulates around your organs, you can develop significant risks for a number of serious health problems. Men tend to gain belly fat after age 40 because of changes in their metabolism.

Some men also have a genetic tendency toward obesity and belly fat accumulation. However, in most cases, the roles of genetics is relatively small when compared to physical inactivity and other lifestyle choices. Among these choices is the regular consumption of alcohol, which can lead to the development of a classic “beer belly.” However, beer isn’t the only form of alcohol that can contribute to the development of belly fat. In fact, with the potential exception of wine, significant consumption of any form of alcohol can increase your tendency to form fat in your abdomen.

Man boobs and Fat Freezing?

Nothing shouts masculinity quite like a broad, contoured and chiselled chest. Naturally, men feel self conscious when the pecs or chest is covered up with fat tissue. Yet, pseudogynecomastia, or gynecomastia is a common medical condition that causes men to store excess fat in their chest area, leading to the appearance of breasts. For cases of pseudogynecomastia, WellaFreeze fat freeze can certainly help. 

WellaFreeze fat freeze treatments are ideal for men too

At Wellaholic, we understand the major problem body areas for men where fat accumulates easily, and our consultants are able to provide an in-depth advice on how to treat these areas. Wellaholic also have a 1:1 ratio of male to female therapists, and this means that our male therapists are always available to help you with fat freeze at sensitive areas. 

Which Target Group is WellaFreeze Fat Freeze Suitable For?

WellaFreeze is suitable for people who are looking to selectively remove stubborn fats at specific areas of their body. Popular areas include the arms, upper and lower stomach/abdomen, inner and outer thighs/legs, love handles, chin area, etc. 

How Immediate Will I See Results? 

Generally it will take about 4 weeks or longer to see results, and this varies with your body’s metabolism. 

To find out more about WellaFreeze, click on this link.

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