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$99 for Unlimited SHR Underarms Hair Removal

$99 for Unlimited SHR Underarms Hair Removal or $8.25 per Month!

​Hair Removal is all the Rage

Hair removal in Singapore is all the rage now. Whether it is laser hair removal, electrolysis hair removal, IPL hair removal or SHR hair removal, or even waxing or sugaring, there are many ways you can go about getting your underarms nice and smooth. While waxing or sugaring your underarms can ensure smoothness for a month or two, the hairs eventually grow out and can cause tricky situations such as ingrown hairs. There are other IPL hair removal such as Japan IPL, Musee Platinum, Strip Singapore and Datsumo Labo too. 

Because of this issue, more and more customers in Singapore are opting for permanent hair removal. There are also gadgets that promise to replicate the hair removal technologies offered aesthetic salons, but sadly, due to the low wattage of such devices, they are usually not able to lead to a permanent hair reduction.

SHR Hair Removal – Introduction

​SHR or Super Hair Removal is a new technology of permanent hair removal, and is the one offered by Wellaholic. Based on unbundled light, the special feature of SHR technology is that the probe or applicator is equipped with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. By using pure water to filter the high infrared areas of the light, SHR technology passes only 50% of the energy to the melanin responsible for hair growth. The remaining 50% of the energy targets the stem cells responsible for hair growth. This includes the nutrition of the hair root as well as the protein in the stem cells. As the hair root or follicle receive little or no nutrients, they can no longer grow. This is also why SHR technology is better and more preferred by customers familiar with hair removal technologies.

Less Discomfort and Reduced Risks of Burns

​In contrast to IPL, the area to be treated is “hovered over” with the SHR hand-piece and continuously heated. This results in temperatures of only about 45° Celsius leads to a treatment with to a lower risk of burns. Therefore the SHR device can be operated with a much lower energy than in the case of the IPL system. This results in the treatment being painless and giving just a pleasant warm feeling on the skin and underneath comparable to sunbathing. The basic idea of permanent hair removal is the denaturation of proteins.

SHR targets the stem cells responsible for hair growth

​The stem cells are responsible for the nutrition of the hair root. The SHR applicator is hovered over the skin, hair and underlying stem cells warm up slowly and continuously until each area has reached a temperature of approximately 45° Celsius. In order to be able to reach the stem cells effectively with the emitted light rays, an active connection to the hair root is also required here (anagen phase). Each hair acts like fiberglass as a “bridge” to the hair root and the connected stem cells. When the stem cells have reached the desired target temperature, the protein denatures. As a result, it can no longer supply the hair root or the follicle with nutrients and every single treated hair falls out.

Pay only $99 per year for Unlimied SHR Underarms Hair Removal

At Wellaholic, we have maintained our bestseller Underarms hair removal plan. Likely the best hair removal pricing that you can find in Singapore, all you need to do is pay $99 for a year’s worth of unlimited underarms hair removal at any of Wellaholic’s convenient outlets. You can choose between SHR or IPL hair removal. There are no hidden costs, and you can be also assured of our exceptional customer service that Wellaholic is well-known for.