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10 things hair removal doctor

10 Things About Laser Hair Removal a Doctor Would Tell You

TL:DR Summary

  • Efficiency Unveiled Laser hair removal is highly effective, targeting hair follicles for long-term results.
  • Time-Saver Alert Say goodbye to daily shaving; laser treatments are quick and require minimal sessions for lasting effects.
  • Cost-Effective Choice While upfront costs may seem high, laser hair removal saves you money in the long run compared to waxing.
  • Safety Assured With skilled specialists, laser hair removal is safe and minimizes risks like burns and scars.
  • Universal Appeal Laser hair removal isn’t just for women; men too can benefit from this aesthetic treatment.
  • Boost Your Confidence Ditch the razor and wax; laser hair removal enhances your self-esteem by providing smoother, hair-free skin.

Laser Hair Removal as an Innovation

Hair removal isn't just about aesthetics - it's also a crucial step in maintaining good hygiene

Laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular option for those seeking to shed some of their unwanted locks. But before you start zapping away, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of a doctor to give you the inside scoop on the top 10 things you need to know about laser hair removal. From the unexpected side effects to the best ways to prep for your appointment, this list has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn more than you ever thought possible about the world of laser hair removal. After all, knowledge is power – and in this case, it might just save you from a few unexpected zaps.

Fact 1: Laser hair removal technology is effective.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are now innovative devices and equipment like laser machines that works properly to eliminate your unfavorable hair growth at different parts of your body.

Medical quality lasers work by launching a single particular wavelength of light leading to a taken full advantage of laser focus on the target area enabling it to exactly manage where the power is being provided. This power is then taken in by the pigment in the hair causing disturbance of hair development cycle without damaging the surrounding skin or follicle. In most cases, as reported by patients, noticeable decrease in hair growth is already obvious weeks after the first session.

“Laser hair removal is a safe and effective treatment that can bring you long-term results – it pays to know the facts!”

SHR can cover larger areas of the body more quickly than other hair removal methods, making it a convenient option

Fact 2: There are 3 main types of laser hair removal in Singapore

Today, though there are numerous brands, these are 3 laser long-term hair removal technologies that are easily available in Singapore relying on your skin type and the appearance of your hair:

  • For fair to mid-toned skin with tool to crude dark hair: Alexandrite Laser (755nm).
  • For darker skin kinds with rugged hair: ND: YAG Laser (1064 nm).
  • For fair to mid-toned skin in addition to dark fine hair: Diode Laser (800-810 nm).

At Wellaholic, we focus on both IPL and SHR hair removal. SHR or Super Hair Removal technology is a newer technology as compared to IPL. Developed by Alma Lasers, SHR combines 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm laser wavelengths to target all skin types. In addition, simultaneous contact cooling prevents burns and allows for a more comfortable treatment. This is ideal for skin and hair of all types and causes minimal irritation to the skin. Wellaholic’s SHR Prestige plan allows you hair reduction treatments on all body parts.

Below shows a tables of the various laser types for hair removal and their various features.

Laser TypeWavelength RangeSkin TypeHair ColorFeatures
Alexandrite755 nmFair to oliveLight to mediumFast treatment time and effective on larger areas of the body
Nd:YAG1064 nmAll skin typesDarkCan be used safely on all skin types including dark skin tones
Diode800-810 nmAll skin typesDarkLong-lasting results and good for large areas of body
Ruby694 nmFair to medium LightEffective on fine and light hair
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)500-1200 nmFair to dark Light to mediumCan treat a variety of skin and hair types
Different Types of Lasers for Hair Removal and Their Features
Unlike waxing, shaving, or other hair removal treatments, laser hair removal can provide a permanent reduction in hair growth over time

Fact 3: Laser hair removal saves you a lot of time

Laser irreversible hair removal is a fast treatment as well as each session can be done in as rapid as thirty minutes! One patient also shared that the session only took 20 seconds to complete!

Depending upon your hair kind and the location being dealt with, just 4 to 6 sessions are required for long-term hair elimination!

Likewise, after therapy, there is minimal to absolutely no downtime, lowered inflammation, and also with the hands of a specialist, no problems like burns as well as scarring. After treatment, you can quickly go back to your typical day-to-day regimen.

Fact 4: Laser hair removal is cost-effective

At prominent waxing salons, each waxing session expenses as much as $200. For most of the time, you will need multiple sessions– some even up to 8 sessions or even more! In fact, for most people, waxing is a continuous affair as the hairs will continue to grow. Visualize the total amount you spend for all these sessions. In a similar way, even though per session of IPL therapies are more affordable than laser, more sessions are required to do the work– and also the hair elimination not also long-term!

In Singapore, laser hair treatment can cost up to $400 per session only just 4-6 sessions. Sounds very expensive right? But with hair laser removal, the risk of needing to get another razor and shave again is extremely reduced. So, by going to the physician for your laser hair elimination, you can wind up costs much less in the long run and save you great deals of money.

Wellaholic’s plans are very affordable, and costs as low as just $209 per month for unlimited hair removal on all body parts (SHR Deluxe Unlimited).

Please see the table below which shows the prices of SHR hair removal treatments by providers in Singapore.

Hair Removal Package (Full Body)Price RangeService ProviderAdditional Notes
WellaSmooth (Full Body SHR + Full Shaving + Skin Whitening)$399/MonthWellaholicSHR is a laser diode; ideal for all skin tones
SHR Unlimited Prestige (Full Body SHR incl. Brazilian)$259/MonthWellaholicSHR is a laser diode; ideal for all skin tones
SHR Unlimited Deluxe (Full Body SHR)$209/MonthWellaholicSHR is a laser diode; ideal for all skin tones
Full Body (Full Arms + Legs + Brazilian)$694Service Provider BA50% Off for first try
Full Body (For 22 Areas)$498Service Provider DLSHR is a laser diode; ideal for all skin tones
Ala Carte Full Body (Full Arms + Legs + Brazilian)$468Service Provider DLSHR is a laser diode; ideal for all skin tones
Full Body incl. Boyzilian$512Service Provider DLFor male customers only
Ala Carte Full Body (Full Arms + Legs + Brazilian)$613.33Service Provider QIPL is more ideal for darker skin tones
Full Arms + Legs + Brazilian$338Service Provider TAOr $3380 for a 10-session plan
Full Arms + Legs + Brazilian$720Service Provider TACIPL is more ideal for darker skin tones
Pricing of SHR Hair Removal Treatments in Singapore, Based on Published Prices
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal usually requires a series of treatments to achieve the best results

Fact 5: Laser hair removal is safe

Laser hair removal can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. Burns, permanent changes to your skin color, and scars can occur. You can greatly reduce the risk of possible side effects by having your treatment performed by a hair removal specialist who is extremely skilled in using lasers and has in-depth knowledge of the skin.

At Wellaholic, our consultants are highly-trained and each of them has clocked over 500 hours of training for hair removal on all body parts, right up from your facial hair all the way down to the private areas. You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Fact 6: Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types

While laser hair removal is generally safe and effective for most skin types, there are some factors that can affect its suitability and success. For example, people with darker skin tones may be more prone to experiencing side effects such as burns or pigmentation changes, as the laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle, which can also be present in the surrounding skin.

However, advances in laser technology have made it possible to treat a wider range of skin types and hair colors than ever before. For example, some lasers are specifically designed to target darker skin tones, using longer wavelengths that bypass the melanin in the skin and focus on the hair follicle instead.

Fact 7: Laser hair removal is for both men and women

Typically, laser hair removal is mainly connected with ladies. But in this day and also age, more and more men look to aesthetic procedures like laser hair removal to improve their total look. Men obtain tired of shaving, razor burns, and also ingrown hairs too you recognize! Laser hair elimination can safely as well as successfully treat too much hair growth for all sexes!

In Singapore, laser treatments are offered by a wide range of clinics and salons in various locations across the island. These clinics typically offer various types of lasers that target different areas such as the face, legs, underarms and bikini line. The treatment process is quick and relatively painless with results visible after just a few sessions. Patients will continue to benefit from smoother skin with fewer ingrown hairs for months afterwards.

SHR Hair Removal - All the Body Parts You Can Treat

Fact 8: Laser hair removal can treat all parts of the body

Laser hair removal treatments can treat all the hirsute areas in your body.
For females, the most usual areas requested for hair elimination are the following:.

  • face (chin, jawlines).
  • upper and reduced lips.
  • limbs.
  • brazilian area.
  • under arms.
  • nipples.
  • butts.
  • stomach.

For men, the most usual locations asked for hair elimination are the following:.

  • Back.
  • Upper body.
  • Ears.
  • Face (additionally, beard reduction).
  • boyzilian area

Fact 9: Laser hair removal can last a long, long time

If you’re tired of constantly shaving, waxing, or plucking, laser hair removal might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Unlike temporary hair removal methods, laser hair removal can provide long-lasting results that can save you time and money in the long run. By targeting the hair follicle with high-powered lasers, laser hair removal can effectively destroy the hair at its root, preventing it from regrowing for weeks, months, or even years. While some touch-up sessions may be needed over time, many people find that the results of laser hair removal last much longer than traditional hair removal methods, making it a great investment in both time and money. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to the hassle of daily hair removal, why not give laser a try? Who knows – you might just be saying hello to a lifetime of smooth, silky skin.

Fact 10: Laser hair removal can help boost your confidence

Let’s face it – feeling confident in your own skin can be a challenge, especially when it comes to hair removal. Shaving can lead to nicks and cuts, waxing can be painful, and don’t even get us started on the horrors of ingrown hairs. But fear not, dear reader, for laser hair removal is here to save the day – and your self-esteem. By zapping away unwanted hair for good, laser hair removal can help you feel more confident in your own skin, whether you’re rocking a bikini on the beach or just lounging around in your birthday suit. Plus, with the time and money you’ll save on shaving and waxing, you’ll have even more reasons to strut your stuff with pride. So go ahead, embrace your smooth, silky skin – we won’t judge.

Unleash the Power of Three: Beauty, Confidence, Perfection with WellaSmooth 3X

  • Tailored Beauty Experience: Select three personalized treatments with WellaSmooth 3X™.
  • Quality Skin SolutionsEnjoy our signature permanent hair removal with full body shaving, skin whitening, breast enhancements, butt lifts and more. 
  • Enhanced Confidence Options: Lift and enhance your bust and butt for a confident new look.
  • Luxury at Your FingertipsExperience luxury with a flexible triple-choice treatment plan.
  • Affordable Body Perfection: Transform your body positively and affordably.
  • Unbeatable Value & EfficacyBenefit from high-quality treatments at exceptional value.
Experience the WellaSmooth 3X Ultimate Skin Transformation Plan by Wellaholic. Choose from a range of treatments like hair removal, skin whitening, and body sculpting. Personalize your path to beauty with quality and affordability. Transform, enhance, and embrace a new you today!

What Treatments Can I Choose with WellaSmooth 3X?

For a modest monthly fee, customers can indulge in premium treatments to remove hair, whiten skin, lift and enhance the boops, lift the butt and safeguard the private regions:

  • ⭐ Personalized Hair Removal: Opt for laser hair removal for all hair types.
  • ⭐ All-that-you-need Shaving: Achieve a sleek look with professional full body shaving to prevent ingrown hair.
  •  Advanced Skin Whitening: Experience innovative skin whitening techniques for radiant skin.
  • ⭐ Butt Lifting Treatments: Lift your butt for a perfectly contoured appearance with EMS technology.
  • ⭐ Bust Enhancement Options: Enhance your bust size and shape with specialized ultrasonic treatments.
  • ⭐ Expert Bust Lifting: Choose professional bust lifting via RF microneedling to make it look bigger and fuller. 
  • ⭐ Premium Personal Hygiene Protection: Improve personal hygiene with specialized Blue Light protective treatments.
  • ⭐ Flexible Combo Selection: WellaSmooth™ 3X allows you to select any three of the above treatments.
WellaSmooth™ 3X strikes a unique balance between choice, value, and quality, making it more affordable to achieve smooth skin, nicer bust and butt, as well as relieving any irritation to the private areas.

Why Choose SHR Prestige Unlimited Hair Removal?

  • SHR Diode Laser. Super Hair removal targets all skin types with 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm laser wavelengths for the best hair removal treatment in Singapore. 
  • SHR is better than IPL for Asian skin. SHR is more effective than traditional IPL technology for finer hair and coarse hair.
  • Unlimited Shots. Our laser removal uses as many pulses as needed to destroy hair follicles to prevent hair growth.  
  • Award-Winning. Wellaholic’s SHR Hair Removal have won multiple awards making us one of the best hair removal salons in Singapore. 
  • Ideal for All Skin and Hair Colors. SHR laser hair removal technology works on all hair and skin types, including facial hair and body hair by targeting the melanin in the hair. 
  • For Everyone. Wellaholic has a team of skilled therapists, both male and female, to attend to your body hair removal needs. 
SHR emits a strong 3000w power of laser energy source to target hair follicles and body hair.

Pricing of Aesthetic Treatments by Wellaholic 

  • 💎 Price Transparency. All prices are published and updated on our website.
  • 💎 Flexible Plans. Choose from unlimited monthly or per-session hair removal plans.
  • 💎 Easy to Choose. Mix and match treatments from different categories.
  • 💎 No Hidden Fees. Pay only for the treatments you receive.


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Why Wellaholic is One of the Best Aesthetic Service Providers in Singapore?

  • Leading Singapore Aesthetic Chain. Wellaholic is a popular aesthetic chain with 8 outlets around Singapore.
  • Quality & Safe Treatments. Wellaholic is committed to quality, safe treatments with experienced staff.
  • Wide Range of Treatments. Wellaholic offers a large range of treatment from effective hair removal, skin whitening, bust enhancement, butt lifts for all areas of the body. 
  • Trained & Experienced Consultants. All treatments are performed by trained professionals who understand skincare needs for both genders.
  • SHR Technology. Advanced SHR technology provides a safe, comfortable, and painless hair removal experience.
  • Most Affordable Provider. Wellaholic offers competitive pricing, making it one of the most affordable hair removal providers in Singapore.
SHR Hair Removal - All the Body Parts You Can Treat

Reason 1: Wellaholic’s Unlimited Plans Save You Money

  • WellaSmooth 3X. Pay a small monthly subscription and choose 3 treatments from the WellaSmooth 3X family of services.
  • Unlimited Hair Removal. Choose a SHR Prestige Unlimited or SHR Deluxe Unlimited to enjoy hair removal with unlimited shots.
  • Pay One Price for All Body Parts. For hair removal, pay one price for unlimited hair removal on all body parts.
  • Huge Cost Savings. Huge cost savings with monthly unlimited plans. No price shocks from hidden costs!
Wellaholic Awards over the Years

Reason 2: Wellaholic is a Trusted and Award-winning Aesthetic Chain with Over 2000 Positive Reviews.

  • Over 50 Awards. Wellaholic’s WellaSmooth and SHR Hair Removal have won over 50 awards from top beauty publications since 2018.
  • Over 2000 Verified Customer Reviews. Wellaholic has over 2000 positive reviews from customers around the world. .
  • Verifiable Reviews. Positive reviews indicate high customer satisfaction. (See reviews below).
  • Over 50% Repeat Customers. More than 50% of Wellaholic’s customers are repeat and recurring customers.
Why it is easy to book an appointment at Wellaholic

Reason 3: It’s Easy to Book an Appointment at Wellaholic

  • Open 361 Days Per Year. Wellaholic’s 8 outlets are open 361 days a year, including public holidays for easy bookings.
  • No Queues. Book appointments in advance to avoid long wait times.
  • Easy Online Booking. Customers can conveniently book and reschedule appointments online or via the booking app.
  • No Extra Cost for Choosing Consultant. Customers can choose their preferred consultant for free.

Wellaholic is Singapore's premier aesthetic chain offering high-quality services like hair removal, facials, hair regrowth, teeth whitening, and slimming treatments. With eight locations, we're specialists in advanced aesthetics, providing lasting results through treatments like microneedling, permanent hair removal, fat freeze, and body sculpting.

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