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What are the prices of Hair Removal Treatments in Singapore?


Hair removal is pretty much the norm in Singapore these days. In fact, hair removal is not only applicable for women but for men as well. According to a survey by Braun, about 62% of men now manscape regularly, with those that do saying it makes them feel cleaner, sexier and also enhances the appearance of their muscle. While shaving and waxing are the more common forms of hair removal in the past (as provided by establishments such as Strip Singapore and Sugared), they do not lead to permanent hair reduction, and there are many horror stories of ingrown hairs. In this article, we will provide an estimation of the per-session hair removal treatments for some of the establishments in Singapore, from cheap hair removal providers to the more expensive ones.    

Why does shaving and waxing lead to ingrown hairs?

​The objective of waxing is to remove the entire hair from the follicle (hidden beneath the skin). However, the hair tends to break either above or slightly below the skin’s surface when waxed. Usually this is caused when the wax is removed in the opposing direction of the hair’s growth. This leads to additional strain on the hair. 

The ingrown hair is not only unattractive and permanent, but it can be painful. Ingrown hairs also causes pimples due to the infection of the area.

Instead of a new hair growing back with its natural beveled edge, the hair is now blunt and sharp. This sharpness causes the hair to pierce the skin and grow into it. Shaving also causes the same issue. The ingrown hair is not only unattractive and permanent, but it can be painful. Ingrown hairs also causes pimples due to the infection of the area – unless you remove the ingrown hair, the discomfort continues to persist and may even cause pus to form due to infection. 

This is also why more customers are turning to hair removal as the better alternative to shaving and waxing. 

What are the prices of hair removal treatments in Singapore? 

Price Guide Hair Removal

​While most treatment salons do not openly publish their prices, the question that is likely on most of your minds would be “What are the prices of the various hair removal treatment places in Singapore?”. Through a few sources, we were able to compile a list of hair removal treatments and their per-session prices. (Disclaimer: prices might be outdated; they might also fluctuate from time to time, hence please use this a rough guide, and check with each treatment centre for the most updated pricing). 

Brazilian Hair Removal – Typical Costs of Service in Singapore

There is a high demand for Brazilian hair removal treatments in Singapore. With this in mind, we gathered some of the per-session Brazilian hair removal treatments by various providers. Please note that some outlets require the purchase of a treatment package (e.g. 6 or 12 sessions, or an annual plan). Also, the type of hair removal technology used are also different. You might want to review the differences between IPL and SHR hair removal

We Answer All Your Questions on Permanent Hair Removal – 15 Questions and Counting!

Why is hair removal ever so popular, especially in Singapore? There are many reasons for this popularity or trend. Some prefer the cleanliness and hygiene associated with smooth skin, while others have issues and problems with ingrown hairs resulting from shaving. In fact, hair removal is a popular treatment for both men and women in Singapore. The possibility of not having to shave on a daily basis is also another time-saving factor for many millennial Singaporeans. While the face and underarms remain one of the more common areas for hair removal treatments, we see a trend with more male and female customers coming to Wellaholic for a full body SHR hair removal experience, especially with our bestseller WellaSmooth all-inclusive hair removal regime, which recently won the Editor’s Choice Award and Readers’ Choice Award from Daily Vanity’s Spa & Hair Awards 2021. In this article, we will help answer all your hair removal questions in this comprehensive FAQ compilation.

How to shave your underarms without darkening it

How to Shave Your Underarms without Darkening Them

Underarm hair removal is quite a norm in many places. We remove underarm hair not just to keep our physical appearance attractive, we also want to prevent unpleasant body odor. One of the cost-effective ways to remove underarm hair is by shaving. Some of the most common methods of shaving include using a razor or electric shaver. However, shaving too frequently will likely cause underarm darkness. For that reason, we would like to share with you the right techniques in shaving so that you can stay away from armpit discoloration.

What are the prices of Hair Removal Treatments in Singapore?

This article provides an estimation of the prices of hair removal treatments in Singapore, and compares the prices and costs of hair removal treatments for brazilian hair removal and full body hair removal.


Super Hair Removal – Why is SHR Better Than IPL For Hair Removal?

In this article, Wellaholic is going to explain why SHR is a better form of hair removal as compared to IPL for hair removal in Singapore. We will dive into the science behind IPL hair removal and SHR hair removal, and explain why SHR technology has many

Wellaholic's Full Guide to Brazilian Hair Removal

Wellaholic’s Full Guide to Brazilian Hair Removal

Wellaholic’s Full Guide to Brazilian Hair Removal. When it comes to eliminating unwanted hair in fragile locations, laser hair removal is the best solution. Shaving around your bikini or butts is tricky work and often results in agonising side effects like cuts, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Waxing is another popular approach but involves ripping and tearing at your hair roots with hot wax, which can be rather uncomfortable, to say the least.

Full Body Hair Removal – Typical Costs of an All-inclusive package in Singapore

Besides Brazilian hair removal, there is also a unique category of Full Body Hair Removal. This allows the customer to pay a single price or fee to enjoy permanent hair removal for all body parts including Brazilian or Boyzilian, with unlimited SHR shots (the consultant will use as many shots as necessary for effective hair removal, but not overdoing it such that it causes any harm to the skin, leading to hyperpigmentation). There are not many merchants offering such a service, with the exception of Wellaholic and Datsumo Labo. Wellaholic also has a WellaSmooth package which includes all-inclusive shaving as well as Post-Treatment Therapy with AfterGlow (red light rejuvenating treatment). 

Always Consider the Quality of Treatments over the Pricing

While the per-session pricing is a good gauge on which hair removal operator to visit, pricing alone is usually not an effective indicator. This is because the quality and efficacy of treatments, together with the level of customer service may vary from establishment to establishment. Always make it a point to read the customer reviews before committing yourself to a long-term package!  Book Pay Pay Later with Wellaholic!

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