7 Core Workouts to do to Strengthen Your Core

7 Core Workouts to do to Strengthen Your Core

TL:DR Summary

  • Planks: A staple for core strength, also tones glutes and hamstrings.
  • Body Saw: Enhances plank benefits with dynamic movement for deeper engagement.
  • Wheelbarrow: Shoulder and core workout, requires caution to avoid back strain.
  • C-Curve: Intense abs workout, focuses on maintaining constant muscle tension.
  • Side Bend: Targets obliques and core, also engages arms and back.
  • Plank Tap: Adds an upper body challenge to traditional planks, stabilizes core.
How to Strengthen Your Core
How to Strengthen Your Core


In the aesthetics and wellness industry, I’ve discovered that a strong core is more than just about having a nice-looking midsection. It’s the foundation of overall strength, stability, and performance. Whether I’m advising clients at Wellaholic or crafting holistic treatment plans, the importance of a robust core comes up time and again.

That’s why I’m excited to share seven core workouts that I’ve found effective not only through research but also from feedback from our community.

These exercises are designed to strengthen your core, enhance your posture, and improve your physical health. So, let’s dive in and explore these workouts that can transform your core strength.

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Why You Should Try to Get a Strong Core

Having a strong core is like having a powerful engine that drives all your daily movements. With over 10 years of experience as an aesthetic professional, I have witnessed how a weak core can cause bad posture, back pain, and lower a person’s confidence. That’s why I always emphasize to my clients at Wellaholic the importance of strengthening their core muscles.

Your core is the centre of every movement you make, from the moment you get out of bed to when you bend down to pick something up. When your core is strong, it acts like a natural corset, providing support to your spine and promoting good posture. This not only helps you look better, but also reduces the risk of back pain and injuries.

Many people believe that doing crunches will give them a strong core, but in my experience working with clients, I have found that this is not entirely true. But the core is so much more than just your abs. It includes muscles in your back, pelvis, and hips too. That’s why at Wellaholic, we incorporate exercises that target all these muscle groups, like planks, bridges, and bird dogs. By strengthening the entire core, you develop better balance, stability, and overall functional strength to power your everyday life.

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How Should Core Exercises Work?

As an aesthetics expert with over a decade of experience, I’ve learned that effective core exercises engage all the key core muscle groups simultaneously. This includes the rectus abdominis (six-pack abs), transverse abdominis (deep core muscle wrapping around the waist and spine), and the internal and external obliques on the sides of the abdomen.

When I work with clients at Wellaholic, I emphasize core exercises that fire up the abs, obliques, lower back and hip muscles all at once. This balanced approach not only improves core strength and stability, but also helps prevent injuries. Isolating individual core muscles is less effective than functional movements that integrate the entire core.

My advice is to focus on core exercises like planks, bridges, bird dogs, and pallof presses that challenge you to brace your entire midsection. Aim for 2-3 core workouts per week, either as standalone sessions or integrated into your overall fitness routine. With consistency and proper form, a strong, stable core is achievable for anyone willing to put in the work.

1. Planks

I’m sure this is where some of us want to wriggle out of (me). As you do planks, you’re working your core, your hamstrings, and your glutes. By training those muscles, you’re not only building your strength and endurance but improving your balance and supporting better posture as well.  

The steps: 


2. Body Saw

When you’re doing the body saw, you’re basically sawing back and forth from your plank position. As with the plank, you have to tuck your tailbone and keep your hips up and don’t let it drop to the floor. 

The steps: 

3. Wheelbarrow

Here’s a core workout that’s a little more difficult, since you’ll be utilising your shoulder stabiliser muscles as well. But when you’re doing the wheelbarrow, you have to be mindful; you might be in danger of straining your lower back. You can just use a tower or the towel if you don’t have gliding discs or the old school ab roller. 

The steps: 

4. C-Curve

This core exercise just uses the most intense part of the sit-up. You’re actually strengthening your abs as you hold them with constant tension. If you’re worried about straining your back, you could switch to the C-Curve instead, where your spine is lengthened because you’re keeping your tailbone tucked. 

The steps: 


5. Side Bend

It’s one of the well-rounded core workouts out there. The side bend pushes you to work not only your obliques and core muscles but your arms and back too. If you do it right, you’ll probably feel the burn not long after your first rep. 

The steps: 

6. Plank Tap

Here’s another way to ramp up the burn for your planks. The trick? You need to do this without rocking your hips from side to side.  

The steps: 

7. Leg Raises

If you want to target your lower abs, try a few reps of this core exercise to feel the burn. It’s great when you’re sitting at home all day because it helps strengthen and add flexibility in your hip flexors. By increasing your hip mobility, you’ll be able to be even lighter on your feet once you come out of the Circuit Breaker. 

The steps: 

Image of a female with a strong core.


Strengthening your core is key. It’s not just about getting a toned belly. A strong core supports your whole body. It makes everyday tasks easier and boosts your performance in sports. Plus, it helps prevent injuries. I’ve seen how a solid core can transform someone’s posture and confidence.

Here are seven core workouts to try. Start with planks. They’re simple but effective. Then, add bicycle crunches for variety. Don’t forget leg raises. They’re tough but worth it. Include Russian twists for some fun. Remember, consistency is your friend. Do these workouts regularly, and you’ll see results.

A strong core is like the foundation of a house. It supports everything you do. With these workouts, you’re building a solid base. So, keep at it. Your body will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How often should I perform these core workouts for optimal results?

A1: Incorporating these core workouts 3-4 times a week allows muscles to rest and rebuild, leading to stronger and more defined abs.

Q2: Can beginners attempt these core workouts effectively?

A2: Absolutely! The workouts are designed to cater to various fitness levels. Beginners can start with fewer repetitions and gradually increase as their strength improves.

Q3: Are there any specific dietary recommendations to complement these workouts?

A3: A balanced diet rich in proteins, vegetables, and whole grains, alongside hydration, significantly enhances muscle definition and recovery from these core exercises.

Q4: How long does it take to see results from these core workouts?

A4: Visible improvements usually appear after consistently following the regimen for 4-6 weeks, alongside proper nutrition and overall fitness routines.

Q5: Is it necessary to use equipment for these core workouts?

A5: These core workouts are primarily bodyweight exercises, eliminating the need for equipment and making them accessible anywhere, anytime.

Q6: Can these workouts help with back pain?

A6: Strengthening the core can improve posture and alleviate back pain. However, it’s essential to consult a physician if the pain persists or if you have pre-existing conditions.

With over 8 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, I am passionate about enhancing beauty and wellness through innovative, science-based approaches. As the Aesthetic Director at Wellaholic, I am committed to delivering exceptional services that are tailored to each client's unique needs. My expertise spans across advanced skincare treatments, body sculpting, hair removal services, and nutritional supplements, all aimed at helping clients achieve their personal best.

Serene Chiam, Aesthetic Director

Serene Chiam is the Aesthetic Director at Wellaholic, a well-known aesthetic chain in Singapore. She has more than ten years of experience in the aesthetics industry. With a Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) and CIDESCO certifications, she expertly combines scientific knowledge with practical skills. Serene is known for her personalized approach to beauty, ensuring each Wellaholic client’s journey is unique and transformative. Her significant contributions have been pivotal in establishing Wellaholic’s reputation for excellence in aesthetic wellness.

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7 Core Workouts to do to Strengthen Your Core

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