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What Sets Wellaholic’s Services Apart?

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  • Revolutionary Beauty Treatments: Wellaholic offers cutting-edge services like technology facials, hair removal, slimming, teeth whitening, and hair regrowth.
  • Innovative Hair Removal: Experience WellaSmooth’s all-inclusive hair removal regime, including SHR Permanent Hair Removal and Skin Whitening/Hydration treatments.
  • Advanced Slimming Solutions: Choose from a variety of treatments like WellaShape, WellaFreeze 360, and Laser Lipo 360 for effective fat reduction and body sculpting.
  • Technology-Driven Facials: Wellaholic’s facial services include WellaFacial Signature Regime, Gold RF Microneedling, and Elight Facial Collagen Boost for rejuvenated skin.
  • Effective Hair Regrowth: Combat hair loss with Wellaholic’s comprehensive HairGrowth plan, incorporating treatments like Microneedling for Scalp and LLLT Hair Laser.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Wellaholic focuses on quality experience, excellent customer service, and no hard-selling, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying visit.

Introduction: What is Wellaholic?

Wellaholic is an award-winning aesthetic chain in Singapore with multiple outlets island-wide around Singapore. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about beauty and aesthetics. We offer a range of aesthetic services, including technology facials, skin boosters, microneedling, permanent hair removalfat freeze, RF body sculpting, hair regrowth and teeth whitening. We provide excellent customer service and focus on creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for our customers. We do not hard sell; instead, we let our services speak for themselves. We have many outlets in Singapore, so you can always find a Wellaholic outlet near you. 

Laser hair removal only works when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. It is the first time in the hair growth cycle.

Wellaholic Services: Technology Facials, Hair Removal, Slimming, Teeth Whitening & Hair Regrowth

Wellaholic’s vision is to help our customers look their best with the best rates in town. We offer a range of aesthetic services, including technology facials, microneedlingskin booster, permanent hair removalfat freeze, RF body sculpting, hair regrowth and teeth whitening. We have multiple outlets across Singapore. We believe in offering quality experience to our customers, with excellent customer service and definitely no hard-selling.

At Wellaholic, we work doubly hard to bring you the best beauty and aesthetic quality treatments with exceptional customer service, 24-7 booking availability, at possibly the best prices in Singapore.

Wellaholic’s Hair Removal Services

If you are looking for a professional and affordable hair removal services, look no further than Wellaholic. Our talented staff of aestheticians are experts in all things related to hair removal. No matter what your hair removal needs are, we are help you achieve the smooth, flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

Wellaholic’s hair removal treatments are popular with customers, as we offer unlimited SHR hair removal shots. Also, you can pay a monthly price to enjoy treatments on unlimited body parts. Let’s break it down below:

WellaSmooth All-inclusive Hair Removal Regime

WellaSmooth™ All-Inclusive Hair Removal is designed for an all-inclusive fuss-free full-body permanent hair removal experience with a 5-star rating. WellaSmooth™ All-Inclusive Hair Removal includes all-that-you-require shaving service, followed by SHR Unlimited Prestige hair removal which includes unlimited SHR shots for the entire body (including Brazilian/Boyzilian). Also included is our Skin Whitening / Hydrating post-treatment therapy (PTT) followed by our AfterGlow Red Light therapy.

With WellaSmooth™ All-inclusive Hair Removal, you can have hair removal for all body parts including brazilian/boyzilian. This includes both the front and back (crack) areas. What’s more, full body shaving is included. Pay one price and put your mind at ease while our consultants work their magic for permanent hair reduction. Our SHR laser technology by Alma Lasers is suitable for skin tones and hair types.

SHR Permanent Hair Removal Services

SHR’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) In-Motion laser hair removal technology is a breakthrough in customer comfort and effectiveness of treatments. SHR or Super Hair Removal technology heats the skin gently through the melanin and the stem cells with low energy but high frequency. SHR uses only 50% of the energy for permanent hair removal. The remaining 50% is absorbed into the stem cells responsible for hair production.

SHR technology is newer and more effective than IPL hair removal. SHR causes minimal pain due to the cool touch laser hair removal methodology as compared to IPL. SHR can cover all parts of the body such as hair removal for face, arms, legs, underarms, etc. SHR causes less discomfort as compared to IPL hair removal. SHR is also suitable for all hair types and skin tones as compared to IPL, making it an effective means for permanent hair reduction.

Skin Whitening / Hydration with AfterGlow Red Light Treatment

Prevent skin darkening, and enhance the tone and suppleness of your skin after your hair removal session with our Skin Whitening / Hydrating (PTT) with AfterGlow red light treatment. Choose from either Whitening Therapy for hyper-pigmented or darkened skin, or choose our Hydrating Therapy for accelerated skin repair from the harsh SHR energy rays. End it off with our AfterGlow™ red light treatment which helps to repair and rejuvenate your treated skin.

Whitening Treatment – With dipotassium glycyrrhizinate which inhibits tyrosinase activity and melanin production. Hydrating Treatment – Helps calm inflammation and reduce irritation associated with hair removal treatments. AfterGlow – Red light therapy penetrates deeper into the skin to heal, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Wellaholic’s Slimming Services

If you’re looking for a weight-loss solution that actually works, look no further than Wellaholic’s Slimming Services. Our proven slimming methods are tailored to your individual needs, so you can finally achieve the results you’ve been hoping for. Thousands of happy customers have already transformed their lives with our help – why not give us a try? You won’t regret it! Find out more about our slimming treatments below:

WellaShape Double Slimming Treatment

WellaShape™ is a double Slimming plan combining 2 slimming technologies at a discounted price. Freeze fat via WellaFreeze™ 360 advanced fat freezing. Then choose 1 other slimming treatment from WellaSculpt RF Sculpting / Ultrasonic Cavi 360 / Laser Lipo 360 for the most intense slimming treatment for the best fat loss.

Start with WellaFreeze™ 360 treatment which uses sub-zero temperatures to freeze the fat areas. Thereafter, choose from 1 of 3 possible slimming treatment to supercharge your fat loss. WellaSculpt RF Body Sculpting to firm and tighten loose skin. Ultrasonic Cavi 360 to burst and destroy fat cells. Or Laser Lipo 360 to eliminate fat using laser energy.

WellaFreeze 360 Advanced Fat Freezing Treatment

WellaFreeze 360 uses the latest fat freeze technology and is designed for customers who are looking to fat freeze 4 body parts at once. Similar to Clatuu 360 or CoolSculpting 360, our WellaFreeze 360 cryolipolysis device is equipped with 4 probes or applicators for concurrent usage. Further more, the latest innovation in our fat freeze 360 probes increases the coverage area – meaning that you can freeze a larger surface area per probe.

Treatment will initially create a suction effect to pull the treated area into a probe or applicator. Treated area will be warmed, and then be gradually frozen to an ideal sub-zero temperature. The treated area will become numb within a few minutes. Using the latest fat freeze technology, you can fat freeze up to 4 body parts per session in just 30 minutes.

WellaFreeze Fat Freeze Treatment

WellaFreeze effectively targets the stubborn fat and cellulite areas of your body that do not react well to exercise and dieting. Similar to the CoolSculpting technology approved by FDA in 2011. Fat cells are “dissolved” by non-surgical means. Controlled cooling at sub-zero temperatures. Ideal for unwanted fat in targeted areas. Effective fat loss and affordable weight loss procedure.

WellaSculpt RF Body Sculpting Treatment

WellaSculpt™ Body Sculpting helps to lift, tone and tighten loose or saggy skin using advanced radio frequency technology. Heat is delivered to the skin accelerating the production of collagen and elastin. Experience immediate lifting and tightening of the skin for beautiful body contouring and firmness. WellaSculpt™ Body Sculpting helps to get rid of fat cells and reduces the appearance of fat on targeted areas of the body.

WellaSculpt™ Body Sculpting works well right after WellaFreeze™. The consultant will make gentle rolling motions around the treated area. The radio frequency energy will heat the tissue, which induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin, as well as to tighten the skin.

Ultrasonic Cavi 360 Slimming Treatment

Wellaholic’s Ultrasonic Cavi 360 uses ultrasound fat cavitation to break apart the fat deposits in your body. Also known as ultrasonic lipolysis, this body contouring treatment is also known by other names such as Ultrashape or Liponix.

Ultrasonic Cavi 360 is a much safer alternative to surgical options, such as liposuction. This cavitation treatment is most ideal for targeting small areas of fat to help you contour and sculpt your body.

Laser Lipo 360 Slimming Treatment

Laser Lipo 360 laser slimming treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure which uses low-wave laser energy to eliminate fat from your body effectively with no downtime. Laser Lipo 360 uses lasers to shrink the fat cells instead of removing or destroying them. The fat cells absorb the laser light energy, which causes the fat to escape from the fat cell membrane.

Laser Lipo 360 is suitable for all body parts, and can effectively complement other slimming treatments. Laser Lipo 360 can easily treat the gaps left by other slimming treatments. There is no pain and no downtime for Laser Lipo 360.

Stretch Mark Microneedling Treatment

Stretch Mark Microneedle uses the microneedles to effectively break up the tough fibres that make up the stretch mark scar tissue. Microneedling has been clinically proven to fade the appearance of stretch mark scarring. A series of six treatments every two to four weeks is recommended for the best results.

Stretch marks happen when our bodies develop at a rate faster than our skin can react to. Microneedling kickstarts your body’s healing process to create new skin cells to replace the stretch marks damaged by the needles. The target skin area is then restructured, thereby smoothing the appearance of stretch marks.

Wellaholic’s Technology Facial Services

Wellaholic’s innovative new treatments use the latest in skin care technology to provide you with the best results. We offer a variety of services that are tailored to your individual needs, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. Our experienced staff is here to help you achieve your goals, and we look forward to helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve.

WellaFacial Signature Facial Regime

WellaFacial™ is Wellaholic’s signature facial regime, designed for customers who want an extensive all-inclusive facial regime which includes the latest technologies to promote cellular renewal and anti-ageing. WellaFacial™ provides additional free treatments to help our customer look their best at an affordable per-session pricing.

Unlike typical facials which involves steaming the face, and manual extraction of blackheads, etc., Wellaholic advocates the use of technology and scientifically proven methods to help our customers with their anti-ageing regime. The result– visible differences over the course of a three-to-six month period.

WellaBoost Needle-less Skin Booster Treatment

WellaBoost™ is a non-invasive facial skin booster which is injection-free. Combines two different technologies. Infuses the skin with 4 different types of facial serums. Helps to promote the increased hydration, collagen production, skin regeneration and healing, leading to healthier and more supple skin.

WellaBoost™ skin booster is an advanced facial treatment which nourishes the skin with 4 possible serum options. Hyaluronic Acid is always used as the base serum, and customers can choose to add on one or more of the following serums: hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl, Marine Collagen and Placenta serum.

Gold RF Microneedling Treatment

Gold RF Microneedling is a revolutionary skin treatment that delivers dramatic anti-ageing results by combining fractional radiofrequency (RF) with microneedling to effectively treat acneacne scarpigmentation, stretch marks & enlarged pores. Gold RF Microneedling can also lift saggy skin and revitalise dull and uneven skin tone.

Gold RF Microneedling combines radiofrequency with microneedling to stimulate tissue remodelling, thereby triggering the production of collagen. By repairing, remodelling and resurfacing the skin at a cellular level, Gold RF Microneedling can improve a variety of skin conditions, including acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and texture.

Microneedling Treatment

Do you have wrinklesAcne scars? Pigmentation? Microneedling is your answer! Our Microneedling treatments can help rejuvenate your skin and get rid of these problems. Microneedling is a collagen-stimulating treatment great for general skin rejuvenation. It treats textural issues dealing with pores, acne scars, wrinkles and pigmentation and has seen extensive positive clinical results, making this treatment a great alternative to laser skin resurfacing.

Microneedling can be done at a fraction of the cost when compared to surgical treatments. Microneedling creates micro injuries which stimulate the body’s natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production, therefore reversing as well as preventing signs of ageing.

Wellaholic’s innovative new treatments use the latest in skin care technology to provide you with the best results. We offer a variety of services that are tailored to your individual needs, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. Our experienced staff is here to help you achieve your goals, and we look forward to helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you deserve.

Elight Facial Collage Treatment

Elight Facial Collagen Boost is a six-step technology facial backed by scientific research. Elight incorporates various technology treatments (RF, IPLDiamond Peel microdermabrasionLED Cell Regeneration, Retinol, REFA facial massage, etc.) The Elight treatments designed as an affordable unlimited monthly package with weekly visits to to bring out the best consistent results in flawless, younger-looking skin.

The Elight treatment helps heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production, as well as to tighten the skin and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Elight is also able to reduce pimples and acne with its high energy waves. Elight Facial Collagen Boost was awarded Best Rejuvenating Facial by the Daily Vanity Spa & Beauty Awards.

LED Cell Regen Facial Treatment

Wellaholic’s LED Cell Regeneration Facial uses different wavelengths to target the skin for various beneficial effects. They are able to improve skin elasticity, produce collagen, minimise blemishes and pimples as well as to soothe aggravated skin and even reduce scarring.

Light-based skincare therapy has been studies for many decades and is clinically proven to help address skin issues. Facial therapists including dermatologists use light-based or photo-dynamic treatments to help improve skin conditions or even boost product and serum absorption as well as circulation.

RF V-lift Treatment

Radio Frequency (RF) V-Lift uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production. This helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. This face lifting technique induces tissue re-modelling and production of new collagen and elastin. RF V-Lift provides an alternative to facelift and other cosmetic surgeries.

RF V-Lift uses focused radio frequency energy heats the collagen fibers in the skin, causing them to contract. RF V-Lift decreases the width of a lower face, and helps improve puffy cheeks, double chins and upper neck widening. RF V-Lift also helps to create a structured, V-shaped lower jaw and gives a more youthful chiseled appearance.

Wellaholic’s Teeth Whitening Services

Wellaholic’s LED Cell Regeneration Facial uses different wavelengths to target the skin for various beneficial effects. They are able to improve skin elasticity, produce collagen, minimise blemishes and pimples as well as to soothe aggravated skin and even reduce scarring.

Light-based skincare therapy has been studies for many decades and is clinically proven to help address skin issues. Facial therapists including dermatologists use light-based or photo-dynamic treatments to help improve skin conditions or even boost product and serum absorption as well as circulation.

Wellaholic’s Hair Regrowth Services

Hair loss can be a difficult and sensitive issue for many people. Wellaholic’s Hair Regrowth Services offers a variety of options for those experiencing hair loss. The team of specialists are highly trained and experienced in the latest techniques and procedures. No matter the cause of your hair loss, Wellaholic can help you regain your confidence with natural-looking results.

HairGrowth Hair Regrowth Treatment Plan

HairGrow™ is an effective solution for hair loss by combining Wellaholic’s three hair regrowth treatments with free additional weekly Low Level Laser Treatments (LLLT) to supercharge your hair regrowth. See results over a 12-week period.

HairGrow combines all three different scientific hair regrowth treatments of Microneedling for Scalp, Scalp Booster and LLLT to accelerate your hair regrowth efforts. Pay for 2 treatments and get the 3rd treatment free. Supercharge your hair regrowth now!

Microneedling for Scalp Treatment

Microneedling for Scalp helps treat hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Microneedling for Scalp is a Collagen Induction Therapy hair loss treatment in Singapore which is also able to cause controlled trauma in the scalp to promote hair growth. Together with the use of Minoxidil 5%, Microneedling can lead to positive effects on hair growth over a 12-week period. Especially effective for patients with Alopecia Areata and Androgenetic Alopecia, or male pattern baldness, receding hairline and thinning hair.

A topical hair loss solution starts working from the stages of hair follicles with respect to the stage of the hair loss. Since each person will have a different reason or cause behind the hair loss, the time frame will also vary accordingly to the situation and also the treatment type. For Wellaholic’s Microneedling for Scalp, it will require a weekly treatment for 12 weeks to see good results, as evidenced from the supporting case studies showing the effectiveness of microneedling for hair loss.

Scalp Booster Treatment

Scalp Booster uses two proven technologies of WellaBoost – Method One (High Pressure Jet Spray) and Method Two (Electroporation). This helps to improve the absorption of Minoxidil by the scalp by up to 17 times and is ideal for treating hair loss.

In a study conducted using various interventions for treating alopecia and hair loss, up to 54% found both mesotherapy and minoxidil intervention effective in reducing hair loss when used together. There was ample evidence to support the efficacy and safety of topical minoxidil when used with mesotherapy.

LLLT Hair Laser Treatment

LLLT is a modern non-surgical hair loss treatment. LLLT uses laser light to stimulate cell growth and supercharge hair follicles. This laser technology helps to combat hair loss and improve the volume and appearance of hair. The LLLT helmet is FDA approved. The LLLT treatment has been proven to have no side effects and takes about 20 minutes per session.

According to a 2014 study, low-level laser therapy appeared to be safe and effective for hair growth in both men and women. A 2013 study of 41 males ages 18 to 48 found that laser hair treatment provided a 39 percent increase in hair growth over a period of 16 weeks.

WellaSmooth. Pay One Low Price for Hair Removal for All Body Parts with Unlimited SHR Shots

  • Unbeatable in Value and Quality. WellaSmooth offers a all-inclusive hair removal solution that is unbeatable in both value and quality.
  • One Price for All Body Parts. Pay just one low price for a complete hair removal experience for all body parts, including unlimited SHR shots.
  • Shaving + Hair Removal + Whitening. WellaSmooth also includes full body shaving service and post-treatment whitening/hydration to prevent hyperpigmentation.
  • Permanent Fuss-Free Solution. Say goodbye to the hassle of expensive and ineffective hair removal methods and trust WellaSmooth to deliver a permanent and fuss-free solution for all your hair removal needs.
What is WellaSmooth All-inclusive Hair Removal Regime?

WellaSmooth Includes the Following 3 Hair Removal Services

  • SHR Permanent Hair Removal PRESTIGE Unlimited – Enjoy our bestseller SHR hair reduction treatment for all body parts
  • Unlimited Shaving Service – Enjoy unlimited shaving service on all body parts
  • Skin Whitening/Hydrating (PTT) with AfterGlow – Enjoy post-treatment whitening or hydrating therapy followed by AfterGlow red-light treatment to rejuvenate your skin
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Why Choose Wellaholic WellaSmooth?

  • Diode Laser Technology. Developed by Alma Lasers, SHR combines 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm laser wavelengths to target all skin types. 
  • SHR is Better Than IPL. SHR has been shown to be more effective and less painful, particularly for individuals with Asian skin, without the discomfort associated with IPL.
  • Unlimited Shots. We use as many shots as needed to effectively target the hair follicles.
  • Award-Winning. Wellaholic’s WellaSmooth and SHR Hair Removal have been recognized by top beauty publications such as Daily Vanity, Beauty Insider, and Tropika Club Magazine, earning prestigious awards from 2018 to 2023.
  • Ideal for All Skin and Hair Colors. WellaSmooth is perfect for individuals with any skin color or hair color.
  • For Men and Women. Wellaholic caters to both men and women with our team of skilled therapists, ensuring that every outlet has a diverse and inclusive environment with male and female professionals readily available to attend to your needs.
SHR emits a strong 3000w power of laser energy source to target hair follicles and body hair.

See Over 2000 Positive Reviews of Wellaholic (Customer Verifiable)

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy aesthetic chain, Wellaholic might just be the perfect fit for you. With over 2000 genuine customer reviews and testimonials, you can see for yourself why our hair removal services have won numerous awards.

Pricing of Hair Removal Treatments by Wellaholic 

  • Price Transparency. Wellaholic offers pricing transparency by publishing and updating all prices on our website.
  • Flexible Per-Session or Unlimited Plans. Customers can choose from unlimited monthly hair removal plans with unlimited SHR hair removal shots for all body parts, or per-session hair removal price plans.
  • Mix and Match Easily. Wellaholic’s hair removal prices are divided into different categories for easy selection.
  • No Price Shocks. Customers can expect to pay only for the treatments provided instead of being surprised by additional fees or charges at the end of their hair removal session.
Wellaholic Hair Removal Services Comparison

Why Wellaholic is One of the Best Hair Removal Providers in Singapore?

  • Leading Hair Removal Chain in Singapore. Wellaholic is a leading hair removal company in Singapore that is highly sought after by customers.
  • Quality & Safe Treatments. The company is committed to providing quality and safe treatments with experienced staff.
  • Wide Range of Hair Removal Treatments. Wellaholic offers a wide range of laser hair removal treatments for various body parts including Brazilian & Bikini, Underarm, Arms, Back & Shoulder Hair Removal, and Leg Hair Removal.
  • Trained & Experienced Consultants. All treatments are performed by trained professionals who understand the skincare needs of both female and male customers.
  • Advanced SHR Technology. Advanced SHR technology is used to ensure a safe experience with no downtime or discomfort during the entire process.
  • Most Affordable Provider. Wellaholic provides competitive pricing for its treatments which makes it one of the most affordable providers in Singapore.
SHR Hair Removal - All the Body Parts You Can Treat

Reason 1: Wellaholic’s Unlimited Plans Save You Lots of Money

  • Unlimited Hair Removal Plans. Wellaholic offers unlimited plans for permanent hair removal with unlimited shots.
  • Pay One Price for All Body Parts. Customers pay one nett price for hair removal on all body parts, including chin, lips, underarms, back, chest, stomach, legs, and private regions (both front and back).
  • Huge Cost Savings. With the unlimited plan, there are no separate fees for hair removal on different body parts, leading to huge cost savings.
Wellaholic Awards over the Years

Reason 2: Wellaholic Has Over 50 Awards and 2000 Genuine Customer Reviews

  • Over 50 Awards. Wellaholic’s WellaSmooth and SHR Hair Removal have been recognized by top beauty publications such as Daily Vanity, Beauty Insider, and Tropika Club Magazine, earning prestigious awards from 2018 to 2023.
  • Over 2000 Verified Customer Reviews. Wellaholic has over 2000 verified positive reviews from our customers in Singapore and beyond.
  • Verifiable Reviews. The reviews are verified and positive, which indicates the high level of customer satisfaction (see reviews below).
  • Over 50% Repeat Customers. More than 50% of Wellaholic’s customers are repeat and recurring customers.
SHR Hair Removal Plans by Wellaholic (1024 × 569px)

Reason 3: It’s Easy to Book an Appointment at Wellaholic

  • Open 361 Days Per Year. Wellaholic’s 8 outlets are open 361 days a year, including public holidays, so that customers can easily book an appointment.
  • No Queues. All appointments are booked in advanced to prevent the need to queue and wait unnecessarily during peak hours.
  • Easy Online Booking. Customers can conveniently book and reschedule appointments online or via the booking app.
  • No Extra Cost for Choosing Consultant. Customers can select their preferred consultant without having to pay any additional fees.

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